Monday, December 10, 2007

What am I, a runner?

So I ran again on Sunday for some unknown reason. Well, actually for a good reason; it's really cold and there's slick spots all around. Not very safe for a fast moving cyclist wanting to keep all their digits and stay upright.

Brady picked me up and we met up with Bryan out at Zorinsky Lake. I only realized after the run how insane this was. I've been on "serious" runs for a total of something like 10 times since I've picked up cycling. Now I was joining two runners who had recently become cyclists. Role reversal? I think so.

It's chilly so we get started right away. Now on all postings and mentions of the planned run pegged it as being about 4 miles. I'm completely cool with that. I need to do more of those 3-4 mile runs to get my legs used to the idea that they can hold body weight and not just mash bike cranks in a circle. So as we're running, all Brady and Bryan (who somehow had all this energy and extra breath to hold conversations) could talk about was how much they both hated this trail. I was having a blast. The scenery was nice, the wind wasn't bad especially in the trees, and the trail was padded with a slight layer of snow. We get to the 2-ish mile mark where we'd change direction and head back to the cars if we were doing the PLANNED 4 mile run. Well, since Brady and Bryan had all this energy and, "we weren't going very fast or hard," we decided to make the whole trek around the lake. Every now and then, between stories, Brady or Bryan would ask how I was doing. I'd be able to get out an, "I'm ok" on exhales, but that's about it. I tried a full sentence once and according to Bryan, it sounded like, "ablsiebhaevoiejghse." So that was the last time I joined the conversations. Until the topic of bike stuff came up. Then I slowed my running down to talk a little more. Nevermind this was at mile 6 and I was ready to fall over in the snow and make snow angels till I felt no more.

So the run finished up and we talked a little, drank a little chewy hot cocoa (Thanks Brady!!), then we headed our separate ways. I live in between Brady and Zorinsky, so Brady was nice enough to give me a ride. On the way home we were joking about the run and conversations, then it happened. Here's how the dialog went:

Joke, joke, joke, "Hey Mike, after that 7.5 mile run you feel like helping me move a TV up some stairs, don't ya?"
Me: "Heh heh, sure, sounds fun!"
Brady: "Well I'm not joking. Can you help me?"

Me: "Oh. Ok."
Brady: "And it's not a regular TV, it's a 36 inch Trinitron behemoth."

Me: "Oh. Ok."

Brady: "It's gotta weigh like 200-300 pounds."

Me: "Oh. Ok."

So we head over to his place and sure enough, it's basically the biggest TV I've ever handled. I've done plenty or 27" and 32" TVs, but this was a new experience. We only nearly dropped it 2 or 3 times, but we got it up the stairs. And into the enterainment center. After moving that around a few times. Brady was nice enough to repay me in a recipe and ingredients for my dinner I was cooking. All was good.

Today, I'm sore. And tired. Even after 8 hours of truly deep sleep. The coffee will keep my body going, but my mind and eyeballs are still tired. Don't know how else to explain it. So I need to go running more often so planned 4 mile runs that turn into marathons will be less painful.


brady said...

C'mon Mike it wasn't that bad.

You got to go for an outing with some real runners. Awesome!

You got a chance to be gleefully giddy about wearing your new running shirt.

You set a new running distance PR at 7.42 miles. That's huge. So we went a little longer and you had to dead-lift a 170 lb TV and carry it up a flight of stairs afterwards. Big deal. Builds character. You're lucky I didn't ask you to help me move the piano out of the basement too.

In short, it was an epic day: cold and miserable. In fact, it was grand! Let's do it again soon. I'll spare you on the furniture moving. Promise.

notnotfredcube said...

Didn't you say that you wanted to run more and do a foot race from time to time? Well how do you expect to get faster if you don't train? Anyway, I got to get back to studying. See you in about ten days.

NotFredCube said...

Dood. Why you gotta munson munson? Munson, what you need is one of my famous pineapple, coconut, ibuprofin, rum smoothies. Mmmm Rum. If you ever decide to run away from winter the right way, look me up. I'll most likely be laying on the beach.

bryan said...

Wait a second -- there was misery? When? And how did I miss it?

RF said...

munson, this is not going to help our weight loss competition. its supposed to start jan 1.