Monday, November 07, 2011

Fire in my belly

I just had a great weekend of riding with good buddies.

On Saturday, E.O'B., Bryan, Brady, and I did a fun little loop to downtown, up Hickory hill for the coming weekend's Hickory Hill Climb Challenge (which I'm not going to do very well at), the hit up good ol' Bellevue Blvd before catching the tailwing express home. Good times.

Then on Sunday, all 4 of us met up again at Seymore Smith park for some CX action. It was tons of fun lawn racin' as Shim calls it. On a side note, anytime I partake in CX anything, I keep thinking of this video:

I have never mastered the flying leap remount so I always have to do the "Step N Hop" remount. Not graceful at all.

Anyway, back to the fire in my belly. After all that cycling goodness over the weekend, I got up early (thanks in part to going back to standard time) and went to the gym to get some non-cycling specific stuff worked on.

So now, it's Monday, I've come off a few days of some great workouts, and I feel this heat radiating inside me. It's like I have this anger and rage. I feel like The Hulk. Well, ok, maybe not as enraged as The Hulk. But at least half as much. Ok, maybe a third.

Hopefully I can keep this fire stoked and shed some of the flub that I've amassed over the last couple years of little to no riding.

Then, maybe I can get fast on the bike again.

Then, maybe I can learn a flying leap remount.