Tuesday, May 21, 2013

3 Months

3 Months = roughly Gravel Worlds weekend.

I here by, do declare, I'm participating in this event.  It isn't official official as I haven't sent in the post card yet, so I first have to find a post card.  Then I can start training for it. Wait, what?

Really, I haven't been training or riding much at all, as if my shape didn't give that away.  I did a couple longer rides (literally, a couple; not the normal "couple" by roadie standards that involves 4+ hour rides once a weekend instead of twice) over the winter and spring.  So my endurance needs some help.  That, and figuring out how the hell to survive 150 miles on gravel.  I need to figure out food, hydration, and comfort.  So I will need to do long rides to test things out and see what works and what doesn't. It's pretty daunting to attempt this within just 3 months, but I need to start somewhere.

And so it begins.


Fred, Brady, and I are riding from 6:15am to 8:30am as per Fred's time limit.  So no later ride inquiries will be entertained.  Ass crack of dawn, or no dice.  Meeting place is Aksarben - nothing's open then, so get your caffeine fix pre-ride.  Road bikes are the weapon of choice.

I know Brady and Fred are fast, whereas I'm not at this point, so speed will hopefully be near conversational pace so I can catch up both on breath and in talking with good buddies.  Route will be decided as we go, but probably somewhere Southish.

EDIT: My general rule of thumb is ride if it's intermittent rain, but pass if there's thunder boomies.  As of 5:30am, there's thunder and lightning, so I think we'll go ahead and cancel the ride.  Seems like the last post I did trying to plan for a Shabbos ride ended the same way?  Is this blog cursed?!?