Thursday, February 25, 2010

Winter says, "With my last breath..."

"I stab at thee."

And then I yell, "Cry "Havoc", and let slip the dogs of war!!!"

Anyone else in a Star Trek mood? I don't think I've ever been in a Shakespeare mood, but I guess that could count as well.

I swear it was colder this morning than yesterday. My face and legs were so much more frosted than yesterday's record breaking low. How does that happen?

On a related note, I'm not riding my winterized beater anymore. I'm riding my Lemond race bike and IT IS AWESOME!!!! Man how I missed the light stiff ride of my 28C tired, aluminum frame, 5 year old bike. I have no reason at all to get a newer bike. Want would be a reason, but then I'd risk not feeling right on a new bike. My Lemond is the only bike I've felt "just right" on. Ok, enough of me gushing over my old bike. Brady's got his Old Yeller and I have my Old Blue. You're my boy, Blue!!!

Man, I'm just full of movie quotes today.

Low 30s for the highs this weekend. But with low wind and the weather we've been having, it'll feel really good. Any ride plans? At that temp point, my guess is gravel is going to be way too sloppy, so mellow road rides would be nice. If anyone knows of a route that's safe to ride in relation to snow/snow melt/salt/sand and traffic, I'd like to hear it.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Mike Miles's Crazy 2010 Nebraska Time Trial Challenge

So, I was looking @ pictures from the Tour of Oman and I really dug the fact that everybody was TT'ing on regular road bikes without crazy aero equipment. Personally, I think such a move should be made in local/regional time trials for everyone outside of the P,1,2 (and maybe 3) ranks. It levels the playing field a lot. I don't think you could advocate folks going back to 32 hole box section rims, but no aerobars, disc wheels, etc could go a long way towards ensuring those in the lower categories have a level playing field without the need for a TT bike and several thousand dollars in wheels, accessories. The article I've linked below kind of quantifies what I'm talking about. 300W for same speed as 230W on a full out TT bike. That's not what I'd call inconsequential.


I'm going to up the ante and say that I'll show up on a regular road bike, with regular wheels and a regular helmet to every Nebraska Time Trial in 2010. Right now the calendar shows 3 of them... I'll also contribute $100.00 to a pot that will given to the top 3 of the best 3 time trials completed in such a fashion. Winner will be chosen based on combined time of the 3 time trials. To be part of the pool you too must throw in $100, though if you think you are a real bad ass you aren't throwing in $100, you are only stealing my (and hopefully others) money. I look @ it like this, if I put this challenge out there it costs me exactly $100, if I do not it costs me 4-6k. Seems like a fairly easy trade even for me. I do love bikes, but I love bikes that have more than limited practical function.

Why do this? Because its awesome, and a lot more fun than going down to the bike store and ordering up $5,000 of speed.

Why $100? Well $100 is enough that it makes this attractive to enter yet at the same time isn't going to make you choose between entering or eating dinner this month. It's also enough that you will break your back (no pun at you Mr. Redemske) to put in good times at the 3 TT's to win it.

Who is this open to? Well I guess anybody that will compete in TT's in Nebraska in 2010... If you are PRO, sure come steal our money if you want, but I'd reckon that most PRO's that will be in Nebraska for 3 TT's will just go for the regular TT category wins and not some wild category that Mike Miles has constructed. If we get more than 10 entrants I'll reconfigure the payouts to go a bit deeper than 3. (Think 30% of the field will get payback).

#1)Regular road bike with drop bars
#2) No wheels deeper than 30mm
#3)No Skinsuits
#4) Regular road bike helmets
#5)Entry to the pool requires $100, that will be split among the top 3 (50% to 1st place, 30% to 2nd place, 20% to 3rd place) if there are less than 10 entrants, if more than 10 enter I'll reconfigure the breakout.
#6) Reply to this blog post, email me, or tell me prior to the first time trial of your intention.
#7) There's a bit of gentlemanly honor in this, I'm not going to measure your wheel depth or anything stupid but you'll know if you try to circumvent the rules and when time comes for me to hand out money are you really going to take $ from your friends in a dishonest fashion? If you're that hard up for a little cash, lets talk outside of the challenge.

That's it.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Saturday Gravel ( how did he get access)

First Shim, then MOD then me they let anyone post here... oh well
Anyone up for some gravel Saturday morning? Gravel might be a bit better shape than road conditions. Modified bacon route going to linoma beach light house and maybe stop at springfield gas station on way back. Meet around 10 am at wolhner's parking lot. that should be about 50-60 miles or so. I'm open to other suggestion as well....

Friday, February 12, 2010

So in Summerization

Rides this weekend:

Saturday - Aksarben Village's Wohlners at 10am for a ride to the Loess Hills.
OR - Shim's road route on hwy 66 to Ashland (?) at noon.

Sunday - 1pm gravel ride from Shim's house. (I'll be impressed if this one happens.)

I'm off the bike for the weekend with a tweaked knee. I highly recommend not aging. Not knowing how you injured yourself is more than a little scary.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Oh Snap!

I'm on MITMON!

Is too early to start talking about the weekend? Saturday or Shabbos or whatever you call it here, is looking pretty 'normal'. High of 30, north wind of 10, anyone want to go big on the road? Blair? MoValley? Loess Hills? Let me hear it.