Thursday, February 25, 2010

Winter says, "With my last breath..."

"I stab at thee."

And then I yell, "Cry "Havoc", and let slip the dogs of war!!!"

Anyone else in a Star Trek mood? I don't think I've ever been in a Shakespeare mood, but I guess that could count as well.

I swear it was colder this morning than yesterday. My face and legs were so much more frosted than yesterday's record breaking low. How does that happen?

On a related note, I'm not riding my winterized beater anymore. I'm riding my Lemond race bike and IT IS AWESOME!!!! Man how I missed the light stiff ride of my 28C tired, aluminum frame, 5 year old bike. I have no reason at all to get a newer bike. Want would be a reason, but then I'd risk not feeling right on a new bike. My Lemond is the only bike I've felt "just right" on. Ok, enough of me gushing over my old bike. Brady's got his Old Yeller and I have my Old Blue. You're my boy, Blue!!!

Man, I'm just full of movie quotes today.

Low 30s for the highs this weekend. But with low wind and the weather we've been having, it'll feel really good. Any ride plans? At that temp point, my guess is gravel is going to be way too sloppy, so mellow road rides would be nice. If anyone knows of a route that's safe to ride in relation to snow/snow melt/salt/sand and traffic, I'd like to hear it.



brady said...

Don't be fooled. There's another bike out there bears the same paint scheme, but Ol' Yeller has been relegated to art in my living room. Glad to hear that your Lemond is out on the road again.

I'm up for a ride afternoon on Saturday and Sunday.

RD said...

I'm good for both days

RD said...

gravel or road whatever

Mike Miles said...

Also the ending to a Seinfeld episode, no?

brady said...

I've had a change in plans and need to go early. Since it will still be cold, I will likely end up doing the trainer ride at the trek store.

Biker Bob said...

I might be up for an early ride Saturday or Sunday. My longest ride in the last 4 months was probably about 25 miles, so 40'ish may be my limit.

I'll even take the studded tires off if we ride the roads.

I'm available by 8:00 but need to be done before 12:00.

Mike Miles said...

Well you know I'm out. I won't rub in details but I'll be back next week. Be ready.

brady said...

Hey Bob: I'm sticking with the trainer ride at trek store. Warmer mornings are soon to arrive. We'll catch up later