Tuesday, July 31, 2007

SSSSSSSSssssoooooooo.... Is this bad???

I thought to myself, "Self, sometimes when your saddle sores are too annoying to ride, but you don't want the hassle of driving to work, what other method of commute could you use?"

Answer: Running. I figured it out. If I take the shortest flatest route to work, it's a touch over 4 miles. Not bad. I can work up to running 8 min. miles and be there in roughly 35 minutes. I have regular clothes at work since I ride there, so I'll just have to figure out the sweaty part. Well, no matter what I do, I'm sweaty when I ride to work. Just not as sweaty as I'd be if I were running. So if I start yogging now and work up to an efficient 5 mile jaunt, I'll try that out come fall when it's cooler in the AM.

So I started tonight. I ran 4 miles. I haven't ran in like 6 months. Is that bad?? Answer: yes!

Different muscles are now officially broken. My left calf, my left quad, both my shin muscles, and my left knee are pretty sore. I could tell that biking does absolutely nothing for my mid-section because running gave me a full core workout.

So I have a couple question for Bryan. Is it normal to have a lopsided stride? I already know I'm really disproportioned in my cycling, but do runners normally have a stronger "kick" foot, while the other one is just sorta along for the ride? In cycling, my left leg naturally mashes down providing the bulk of my propulsion while my right leg is really good at lifting. (I'm not crazy, I have the muscle dispropotions to prove it.) So in biking, I work hard at trying to equalize my leg strength. Should I do this in running? Should I focus on pushing more with my right leg since it's usually just the weak step between left leg strides?
Another question: Should I run every other day? Every day for a few, then take a few off? Run seriously once a week with walking in between so I can mimic my bike training?

I guess it would help if you knew my goals, huh? Well I don't know them either. Take THAT! HA!! Uh, what I mean is, I'd like some general tips that work for all running so I can decide later whether longer distance or fast short runs are my forte.

Bryan, thanks in advance. Everyone else, if you see a wheezing runner taking up the trail, don't run him over. It could be me.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Photographic proof: Still alive

Gotta ask him for the details, though.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Hey Mike

are you still alive?

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Shabbos +1

8 a.m.
Caribou Coffee
3-4 hours of probably not very intense riding.

I'm about to go play the Des Moines Register in softball, while Mike is probably getting done with his TT right now. So, seriously, it's gonna be pretty relaxed.

Hope this works for most everyone.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Monday, July 16, 2007

My Sunday group ride turned solo.

In the infamous words of the Geico caveman guys, "Not cool!" I guess we all miscommunicated as to what was going on for the ride. I didn't check my blog and just went on the verbal agreement that 8am at Highgear was the plan.

Well everyone missed a once in a lifetime event. I WAS EARLY!!! I thought I was going to be late as usual since I left my place at 7:35am, figuring it takes a half hour to get there. So I hammered it and took the most direct route: trail to Q st, over to 72nd, to Harrison, down 84th to the shop. It was early on Sunday so traffic was light, otherwise I'd never ride those roads. I got to the shop in 20 minutes! I was pulling into Highgear at 7:54, but I thought my new cyclo-computers clock was wrong since the parking lot was empty. "Did I miss them again?" I turned on my cell phone and was baffled to see a time readout that wasn't past the designated ride start. This was new unexplored territory for me. So I waited. That was a weird feeling. Sorry guys, I never knew how frustrating that can be. I kept checking the time, riding in circles, picking my nose. Oh wait, no one's supposed to know that last part. At 8:04, my usual arrival time when 8:00 is the "leave the parking lot" time, I started calling around. Bryan (who's cell phone # I need by the way) was in bed when I called. Sorry bud for disrupting your post-bad-race depression laden slumber. I've been there before, and the last thing you want is some ill-informed, happy-cheery, I-love-mornings guy calling you when all you want to do is beat on your tear stained pillow then fall back asleep cuddling it as if it were your childhood blanky. I changed many tear stained pillow cases at the beginning of this season, so I know what's up. Ryan's phone was turned off so I took that as a hint to leave him alone. I had read on Matt's blog at around 10pm that he was out of the ride. So solo ride it was!

I took off for hwy 370 to head toward Gretna. I hadn't done the 2 rivers loop in a while and I missed it. It's almost a good thing that no one was riding with me. Bike riding really clears the sinuses and I had much sinus to clear up. And these weren't the normal easy out snot rockets. We're talking long gooey streams of sickly boogers. I have since decided that cycling gloves are essential from now on. I used to go gloveless and use sleeves to wipe my nose on, but glove are much more efficient at catching and removing large amounts of face-wide nose streamers. Ok, I'm done with the gross stuff now.

The first half of the ride went by quick. I got out to 2 rivers and then turned East onto Center. After that huge hill I turned North again on Skyline Drive. This is a nice road. The houses have gotta be the most expensive around these parts. No cookie cutters either, really different new houses all well taken care of. Skyline leads you up to Elkhorn and the most fun road, Old Lincoln Highway. This road leaves Elkhorn heading East from 204th st along the railroad tracks and then curves around onto 174th and it's 80% brick! Almost 2 miles of pave and it's a blast to compete with other guys on group rides to see who can hammer the fastest on this rough stuff. However, by this time in the ride, I was getting tired and hungry since I didn't bring any food along. Also, this was my first ride in a week so I just bypassed the fun road and hit the KwikStop instead. I then headed N on 204th to State street and should've kept going to hwy 36 to turn East. But no, I took State with all its' hills and new development. Right around 156th, where there used to be farmlands, there's now this horrid cookie cutter housing area. It's so drab and boring. All the houses are basically the same shape, are some shade of tan or brown and are way too close together. I have no idea why someone would pay money to live there. I guess I can understand if they didn't work downtown and the houses were dirt cheap(since they lacked any character and seemed to be assembled in a factory). So, after the hills of State st, I was glad to get back on the trail. I stopped to help a guy who got a flat and forgot his pump. Total ride time was about 3.5 hrs. Nice weather, lots of deep thoughts since riding solo, and plenty of streaming boogers. Good times.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Shabbos +1

What say you, people?

I'm going to bed in 30 minutes. Whatever you say, do it quick.

Edit: 7:15 a.m. -- no ride for me. Not really feeling it right now.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Get ready for some cheerin.

Fred, Bryan, I'm on the sidelines for the race. I'll be at the start/finish line runnin the camera in hopes to see one of youse guyse cross the line first. So if you hear random hollering coming from the line, you'll know it's me. Things like "French Toast," "Der Jan," or the ever famous "Shomer Shabbos!!!!!"

Of course all this will be followed by hacking, coughing, or nose blowing since my cold is in full effect.

See you guys in Papillion.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Back (and maybe) with avengeance....

So after the lovely Shabbos + 1 easy spin ride, I went to go see Transformers for the second time with my bro and dad. After the movie or even before, I started to feel kinda sick. I was really sleepy and not hungry even though we did a 3 hour ride. Then in the afternoon, I started to get that dreaded tickle/scratch in the back of my throat that usually signifies a cold coming on. Well I took it easy Monday, no ride to work even, and had an afternoon nap, but was still feeling exhausted. I had a cough that was producing mucus, my lymph nodes were swollen, general achy-ness all over, and some lovely sinus drainage. The easy monday didn't solve any of it, so no ride to work today either. Which usually means no training ride unless I ignore the messy apartment and don't feel like eating till late. Both of which are tough to do when they sound less strenuous than a ride.

SO, if I can't shake this damn thing by this weekend, I may be out of the twilight crit. Or I may just suffer though it and not do well at all, which could be the case anyway since I have no idea how I'll stack up against my fellow cat 1/2s. I haven't trained or raced against any of them since Norfolk which was a long time ago. I know I've gotten faster since then, but by how much I'm not sure. At any rate, this race will be fun. A new course to try and having it in the evening will be a whole different experience.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Shabbos and a planned Shabbos + 1

So we definitely rolled on Shabbos. We rolled up hills then down hills, then up hills, then down...you get the picture. It was a really fun ride and exactly the type of kick in the bootay I need to get that upper level fitness. Byan, Fred, and Brady were the partakers in the ritualistic cleansing of spirit through excruciating pain ride. Remember Kevin Costner in Dances With Wolves hanging by some hooks through his chest. Yeah, that painful. The good kind of pain where you can't hear anything anymore since your heart is beating so hard the blood vessels in your ears drown out all other noise. It was a glorious morning.

So the plan for Shabbos + 1 is meet at Carribou coffee (72nd and Pacific) at 7:30am (7:15 my time so I'm not late). We'll decide where we're going from there. Heck, if it's real windy and Bryan and I are still pooped, we may just coast down the trail and back just to heal the legs a little.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Post group ride day(s) lead legs.

Ever notice the day after a couple longer hard days, if you take a day off, your legs feel like lead? I know it's smart to put a real easy ride in to spin out the legs, but my snooze button was hit one too many times for me to ride into work. Basically, if I don't ride into work, I don't ride that day. That's part of the reason why my off season was so crappy this year. I didn't or couldn't ride into work because of all the snow, cold, and sometimes weird work schedule.

So I drove to work on Thursday which ended up being a good thing since I played taxi most of my non working day. My woman needed a ride to her work since she missed the bus so that was my lunch hour, and my big brother needed to be picked up also after work. By the end of the day with all that sitting around, my legs were locked up and my joints were sore. I know I could have alleviated the tension by stretching but I'm a biker, not a crazy runner. We don't stretch, it's part of our culture. Those that do stretch are often "mixed sport" kind of people or they converted from some other lesser sport to biking. So today after work, I'm going to follow Fred's ride advice, without the horrible Taco bell food.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Independence day group ride quotes.

July 4th group ride on the Wed. night ride route. 5 of us: Jon, Fred, Bryan, Brady, and yours falsely. Jon and I had just done a slight hammerfest a mere 12 hours prior, so we were pretty baked. Here are some of the more choice quotes that were heard on the group ride:

"We call it the 'French Toast'" - Fred

"There's a hole back there....Shomer Shabbos!!!!" - Mike

"I have this amazing saddle sore. I will post a pic of it on my blog." - Fred

"Fred, you dropped me." - Jon (who was only a bike length away near the top of the hill and then was with Fred after the crest)

Any of youse guyse have others that were of note? Post a comment to remind us all of how awesomely epic the ride was.

There's some great stories behind some of these quotes. Ask us and we'll fill you in. Or, just show up to one of our rides and experience and/or add your own choice quotes.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Day off mega miles-fest.

So the plan is, well I don't know yet. There are 2 rides I'm up for on Wednesday morning. At 5:45am(?!?!) at Culvers in Bellevue, Kent, and some other fast guys are doing a cool one hundred. At 7am (more reasonable) Fred is planning on leaving the Trek Store to do the normal Wednesday night ride route up to Ft Calhoun and back. So that one will only be 45-ish miles or so. Could always tack on some more miles if time/stamina allow. I'm doing a small team ride with Jonny and one of the Lincoln team guys tonight and I know Jonny wants to do a ride tomorrow, but maybe not 100. Therefore it's more likely we'll do the Trek ride at 7am. If Jonny rides down there, he'll have a good hour in already so his ride to and from the group ride might give him enough.

All this is just planning, no decisions have been made. Please respond if you would like to sway me more toward the 7am Trek Store ride.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

You know what I'd like to see (or hear)?

Munson's reflections on the new Madone. Did ya ride it? Didja didja didja?