Friday, July 06, 2007

Post group ride day(s) lead legs.

Ever notice the day after a couple longer hard days, if you take a day off, your legs feel like lead? I know it's smart to put a real easy ride in to spin out the legs, but my snooze button was hit one too many times for me to ride into work. Basically, if I don't ride into work, I don't ride that day. That's part of the reason why my off season was so crappy this year. I didn't or couldn't ride into work because of all the snow, cold, and sometimes weird work schedule.

So I drove to work on Thursday which ended up being a good thing since I played taxi most of my non working day. My woman needed a ride to her work since she missed the bus so that was my lunch hour, and my big brother needed to be picked up also after work. By the end of the day with all that sitting around, my legs were locked up and my joints were sore. I know I could have alleviated the tension by stretching but I'm a biker, not a crazy runner. We don't stretch, it's part of our culture. Those that do stretch are often "mixed sport" kind of people or they converted from some other lesser sport to biking. So today after work, I'm going to follow Fred's ride advice, without the horrible Taco bell food.

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bryan said...

runners don't stretch, either. I never did, at least. I can't get anywhere close to touching my toes.