Tuesday, July 31, 2007

SSSSSSSSssssoooooooo.... Is this bad???

I thought to myself, "Self, sometimes when your saddle sores are too annoying to ride, but you don't want the hassle of driving to work, what other method of commute could you use?"

Answer: Running. I figured it out. If I take the shortest flatest route to work, it's a touch over 4 miles. Not bad. I can work up to running 8 min. miles and be there in roughly 35 minutes. I have regular clothes at work since I ride there, so I'll just have to figure out the sweaty part. Well, no matter what I do, I'm sweaty when I ride to work. Just not as sweaty as I'd be if I were running. So if I start yogging now and work up to an efficient 5 mile jaunt, I'll try that out come fall when it's cooler in the AM.

So I started tonight. I ran 4 miles. I haven't ran in like 6 months. Is that bad?? Answer: yes!

Different muscles are now officially broken. My left calf, my left quad, both my shin muscles, and my left knee are pretty sore. I could tell that biking does absolutely nothing for my mid-section because running gave me a full core workout.

So I have a couple question for Bryan. Is it normal to have a lopsided stride? I already know I'm really disproportioned in my cycling, but do runners normally have a stronger "kick" foot, while the other one is just sorta along for the ride? In cycling, my left leg naturally mashes down providing the bulk of my propulsion while my right leg is really good at lifting. (I'm not crazy, I have the muscle dispropotions to prove it.) So in biking, I work hard at trying to equalize my leg strength. Should I do this in running? Should I focus on pushing more with my right leg since it's usually just the weak step between left leg strides?
Another question: Should I run every other day? Every day for a few, then take a few off? Run seriously once a week with walking in between so I can mimic my bike training?

I guess it would help if you knew my goals, huh? Well I don't know them either. Take THAT! HA!! Uh, what I mean is, I'd like some general tips that work for all running so I can decide later whether longer distance or fast short runs are my forte.

Bryan, thanks in advance. Everyone else, if you see a wheezing runner taking up the trail, don't run him over. It could be me.


Peter said...

what do you mean "hassle" of driving. dude, it's Omaha. Driving in NY is better than RUNNING to work. Dude, I'd wreak all damn day and feel disgusting...on top of the actual running part of it. EFF that. DON'T DO IT! It's like MTBING. You'll get effed! I donno. Just thought I'd make you feel bad.

munsoned said...

I could care less about wreaking at work. In fact, that's my secret weapon.

My boss, "Hey Mike I need you to take a look at this."

Me, "Oh really? Bring it over here."

My boss, "Ok fine, I'll get one of the other guys to do it."

They've done studies, ya know. 60% of the time, it works every time. (movie quote??)

No, you can't make me feel bad, know why? You! Can't! Bring! Me!

Down, no, bring me down,
You can't bring me down,
no, Bring me down,
You can't bring me down.....

fredcube said...

I can't believe you don't have one of these yet.

munsoned said...

Dude, seriously. I got nothin. That's as crazy as a grandma eating froot loops on your front porch.

Shim said...

Dude, running well make you a slower cyclist. Its true.

bryan said...

oh christ ... where do I even start?

1. No, it's not normal to have one leg that does all the work and one that just drags behind. That'll even out with more running. If it doesn't, you'll get a stress fracture. So, you know, no worries.

2. You can run every day if you want, but be prepared to be sore. I would aim for 3x per week. And easy. Nothing hard or super long (tee hee). Mix some easy riding in between (2 hours at recovery-type pace). You'll still be on the bike, but your saddle sores will thank you for giving them some time to breathe. Or breed. Whatever.

3. Get decent shoes before you get too nuts. Starting a running program -- even a light one -- on old, crusty shoes is a bad idea. Go to Peak Performance and get fitted and all of that. I have a 15 percent off coupon you can have.

4. Peter, you don't know shit. Driving in Omaha sucks. Every goddamn corner has a stoplight, which shouldn't really matter because nobody stops, anyway.

5. Running is a nice alternative to the bike if you do it right. Just make sure you get warmed up before picking up the pace.

6. And if you want to run sometime, I'll gladly go with.

Matt N said...

my 2 cents is that the quote "60%" is from Anchorman.

munsoned said...

And Matt's the winner of the quote question!!! DING DING DING DING!!!

Shim, I'm already too slow for my category, so what's it gonna matter? I get tired of the same roads I've trained on for years and I though mtb would help, but the trails are just too short around here. I'm already bored of Swanson. I want to get lost in some woods, not perfect the best line through the same corner I've done 3 times in an hour. I like food so I gotta find something to expend energy on.

Bryan, thanks for the tips. My stride isn't really grossly lopsided. It's just something I can feel after a run. So like you said, I think consistent running may solve my imbalance issue. And yes, I'd like to go running with you. I could ride up there, then we could take a jog around Standing Bear. My little bro and I would run there sometimes since he knew that place well from his high school cross country days. What's this weekend looking like for ya? Also, if you have your crankset I could bring over my parts and we could setup your Bianchi. I'm on call Saturday AM till noon, but other than that, I'm free. Let me know.

Peter said...

Sorry Bryan, But I think I know traffic when I see it. I was driving further to work than Mike has to for 3 months straight. I've also driven everywhere in Omaha.
You know...after all I don't know shit considering I've lived in both LA and OC. Omaha traffic isn't bad enough whereas I'd be possessed (to skate) like Munson.

BUT You are right (what a twist)... drivers here are fcktards. They drive slow/clog up the fast lanes/ make moving road blocks with other fcktards traveling the same speed next to them/ run every damn red light they see/ get in stupid accidents that should easily have been avoided/ shit themselves in snow or rain or when a foreign substance called "fog" descends to earth. Jeebus people here are shitty drivers.


Mike, I'd just run if I were you, now that I think about it.

Shim's comment is true. Ex-runners turned Pro cyclists don't continue to run while racing. Running hurts...but why quit when it feels so good???

Back to Mike,

U cN't bR1nG mE DwN!!!111 U Cn'T Br1Ng Mee DwN!!!!!1111 U WoOdN'T kNo wUt cRaziI wUZ iF ChArlz MaNsn WuZ EeTinG FrOoT LeWpS oN uR fRoNt PoRcH! U CNT BR1NG ME DOWN!!!1

And being smelly to lure off your boss might be bad... what if he shersly likes smelly men? Just don't drink the coffee he brings you from harbucks in the morning. Drink it and you're f*cked! Literally and figuratively.

Running...I ran for 200 meters on Sunday. Every muscle in my legs are killing me. It feels like I was beatin with a bat. Next time I won't be afraid of a carload of Cholos. Bryan, wanna rub me out?

bryan said...

hmmm ... if you're on call until noon, it'll be officially too damn hot to run after that. I don't dig 90-some degree running.

and I don't have the new crankset yet. I'm slow.

is there a Shabbos +1 in store? We haven't been out for a while.

Peter said...

I'd like a shabbos +1 ride.

Brady said...

I agree with Bryan's comments, especially on the shoe thing. Don't be tempted to buy a bargain from the department store. The folks at Peak Performance should check your walk/run gait to see what type of shoe to fit you in that's best for you. Having the proper shoes is the #1 way to avoid injury.

Running four miles to work is one thing, but the mileage will quickly add up if you intend to also run home at the end of the day. Eight miles is a lot, especially for someone just getting back into it.

Some days, I will combine a commute to work run with taking the MAT home. That works for me because I live on a convenient route.

For more tips on starting out, go here