Thursday, July 12, 2007

Get ready for some cheerin.

Fred, Bryan, I'm on the sidelines for the race. I'll be at the start/finish line runnin the camera in hopes to see one of youse guyse cross the line first. So if you hear random hollering coming from the line, you'll know it's me. Things like "French Toast," "Der Jan," or the ever famous "Shomer Shabbos!!!!!"

Of course all this will be followed by hacking, coughing, or nose blowing since my cold is in full effect.

See you guys in Papillion.


bryan said...

well, it actually will be the Shabbos, so screaming that would be appropriate, in a blasphemous sort of way.

fredcube said...

Thanks Mike. I have a pretty good race strategy brewing. I wish I knew how many racers were going to be there so I'd know how many pumps to bring (you know, for their spokes).

Sorry about your cold.

Matt N said...

Good Luck, Guys. I'll be wishing I was there kicking your ASSES!!!