Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Shomer Shabbos!

True story: I was riding down the Keystone to my bike building job when I came up to a guy shuffling along while hunkered over a stroller and talking on his cell phone.  I of course called out, "Passing on your left" of which I knew he'd be pretty oblivious.  What I didn't know is that there was a very anxious dog behind a fence along the trail that couldn't contain her excitement any longer when I passed between her and the stroller pushing reluctant father.  Lots of barking ensued and I think the guy nearly crapped himself.  I hear from him after I'm leaving the interesting scene, "Go ride on the road."

I continue riding on trying to process what I just heard.  "Ride on the road?"  On the road I usually hear the opposite, "Get on the sidewalk," so I was in deep turmoil as to where my place in the world should be.  Guess I need to invent a flying bike.

Ok, that actually wasn't a true story.  Or was it?  With the other guys writing great stuff I decided to join the party partly.  I read the reply that Fred made on an old post about joining their pact to write once a week.  His reply was a couple days after I made the post, but I didn't see if for a month for some reason.  I wonder if I should tell him that I did see that reply?  What do you think, Brady?

I do enjoy their stories though. You never know if they are telling you their version of real life experiences or just making something up completely.  I guess that's what makes a good writer.

So anywho, SHOMER SHABBOS!!!  I'm proposing an easy 3 hour ride from Aksarben in the morning (7am or 8am start, tbd) this Saturday.  It's gonna be a warm and possibly windy/rainy one, so the earlier in the day the better.. But it will be fun.  And when I say "easy ride" I mean that there might be some punchiness, but don't expect me and Randell to follow all of them. That's right, I said Randell.  As in Jon Effing Randell of cat 1 racing lore.  He has recently come out of retirement from newborn wrangling and brewing/beer drinking.  Well, he's still doing both in abundance, but adding easy riding to the unending list of parental responsibilities.  And like me, he's a little soft of the mid-section and formerly strong of the legs.  But we're working on it.

I imagine we'll head South and maybe do the old Wednesday Night Worlds route, or maybe hit the Glennwood Loop.  However, those routes might delve into the 3-4 hour mark.  We'll see.  2.5 hrs has been our norm for the past few weeks.  Bumping up to 4 might be a tad much.

UPDATE!!  We will be leaving Jones Bros Cupcakes at 7:30am.  Arrive early if you want a cuppa somefin.