Monday, August 20, 2012

I need a bike ride

I propose a bike ride next Saturday.  SHOMER SHABBOS!

It's mah birthday that day, so I want to ride for a bit in the morning.  Not sure how far as I haven't been on a real group ride in a while.  The legs may not hold up for a 4+ hours.  Maybe if the pace was mellow.  So if you're training for cross and need to put in some efforts, please do so on a different ride.  It'll be small chainring and large cog selection for this rolling birthday present.

Ride specifics: from Jones Bros in Aksarben at 7:30am (be there early for coffee, if needed).  If the wind's out of the North, we'll head North. If the wind's out of the South, we'll head South. If it's East or West or no wind, well then we'll just ride in circles or something.

How's that for specific?

UPDATE: Ok, more specifics.  I will wait till later in the day on Saturday to see if the rain clears up.  Then I will definitely do a ride Sunday morning also.  Not sure when.

No 7:30am Saturday soppy ride for me.

Le sigh.....