Monday, October 10, 2011

I hate commercials

One of my main motivators for getting rid of cable was the commercials. The never ending price hikes didn't help either, but really, I just couldn't stand commercial breaks. I could never watch one thing. As soon as a commercial came up, my very dexterous thumb would go to work on the remote finding other content to watch. I'd fly through the channels I mostly watch until I found something on that wasn't a commercial. Some times, I'd have to fly through the channels multiple times since EVERY ONE had a commercial going.

I loved Hulu when it first came out because, guess what, no commercials. Then they added commercials, unless you paid for it, then you'd just get less commercials or something. I haven't been on that site in a year because of this.

Now people are harping on Netflix for the price hike. It was eleven freakin dollars to get one dvd at a time and stream everything they had. Now it's a "shocking" 60% hike up to a staggering $16.

Really? That horrible huh?

Can you think of any other bill that's only $16 a month? Digital HD Cable with internet is something like $120 a month for most people. I pay $50 just for internet from Cox Cable alone, which again creeps up a couple dollars every year.

People complain that there's nothing on the streaming services of Netflix. But how many times have you heard the same about television programming?

So give Netflix a break. Otherwise they'll have to start feeding us commercials somehow.

If that happens, I'm going off the grid, for reals.