Monday, December 10, 2012

Title goes here.

Not much to report.  Figured I should try to put at least a few blog posts out a year.  Uh, yeah.

I rode in this morning in -10 degree wind chill temps.  It wasn't bad overall except for my nose and the tips of my fingers.  In case you're wondering, here was the clothing breakdown:

Base layers - wool long johns, midweight wool long sleeve shirt, wool socks.

next layer - Bonty commuter pants, cycling wind vest.

over layer - Minus33 lumberjack wool workshirt

Head - Pearl Izumi Balaclava, Bonty winter cap

Hands - wool glove liners, lobster mitten/gloves.

Feet - plain old Addidas Sambas pedaling my flat pedal commuter.

Also, to protect my eyeballs from becoming marbles, I wear some horrid shop safely glasses.  They are huge, but that also protects most of the skin around my eyes that the balaclava doesn't cover.

I was sweating by the end of the ride, but that was because I had a tail wind and was trying to ride quickly on my heavy commuter.

Thanksgiving was nice but tough.  Spent time with as much family as we could.  Christmas will be similar.  At least we'll have my lil bro, his wife, and their cutie pie 1.75 year old in town. She's talking some now so it'll be fun to interact with her.

I really need to clean my bike so I can't use that as excuse not to go on rides with people.  I meant to clean it last week so I could ride on Saturday with a few people I knew were heading out.  Sure wish I had a basement or someplace inside to make a mess with cleaning.  That will be one of my requirements in a house, whenever I get around to buying one - a basement shop with a drain.  Someday.