Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I can't wait for July.

At work, we've been experimenting with 4 ten hour day weeks. It sounds nice on paper with the whole 3 day weekends and all, but in actuality, your extra day off is pretty much just playing catch up with what you couldn't do during the week.

Which, as a cyclist needing to put in consistent miles throughout the week to even be considered a "cyclist," doesn't work very well. It's not like I can ride 8 hours on the Monday I have off to make up for the few 1-2 hour rides I'd put in during the week. I can't even remember the last time I rode for 3-4 hours let alone 8. It's been at least a month since I've done any real "bike practice" as Jesse Lalonde calls it. Since I'm more of a social biker, and there's been races or family happenings, I've missed the calling out for Shabbos rides.

But in July, that will hopefully change. We're going back to regular work hours and my schedule is 7am to 4pm so I'll have my afternoons back. A couple of those days will be spent at the warehouse building bikes for The Man. Man, if I didn't have that part time job, I wouldn't be putting a dent in my debt since I'd be buying bike stuff to tinker around with. It's very therapeutic going there, listening to music and wrenching on bikes. I don't get paid a bunch, but it definitely keeps me sane. Then the days I don't build bikes, I'm going to try some bike practice again. I miss being in shape. Walking up stairs should not make me winded...

So I think I'm going to jump the gun here and call out a Shabbos ride early. Make that Shabbos +1. I'd be fine doing an early morning before the heat ride, or an afternoon scorcher ride. But I'm probably not in for 60+ miles. 40-50 miles would be pushing it for me nowadays. Gotta work back up there. Respond if you have a preference and if I don't hear much by Friday, I'll make an executive decision and post the official Shabbos +1 ride plans at my discretion.

That is all.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bleeding for the cycling gods.

Two fellow cyclists have recently appeased the cycling gods by donating flesh/jersey/shorts/pride on recent rides. Heal up quickly fellas.

I fought gravity and lost a couple months back on a mtb ride. My shoulder has given me some problems since then, but it comes and goes.

So hopefully enough sacrifice has been given so all riders in Nebraska can be safe the rest of the year. Hopefully.

Gravel Worlds is open for more registrants. I like the idea of doing this ride, but I should probably start some training, being that as it's just 2 months away, eh? My work schedule is all kinds of crazy, plus having the part time job means that any sort of consistency is lacking. Life was way simpler when I had a routine of work on a set schedule year round. Oh well, debt is coming down slowly. I'll get there. In a couple years...

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Quality family time.

Not much to report from my end of things. Miles and I got a good 3-ish hour ride on Saturday then I spent the rest of the weekend with the family. On Sunday we had brunch at Amatto's restaurant, then took a quick gander at the new Aksarben Farmer's Market. Holy shamoly that was awesome. The wife and I will be spending many more Sunday mornings there in the future.

It was nice having all of my family together for some quality time. I didn't get as much riding in as many others had, but riding can happen any time, full family time, not so much.