Monday, April 05, 2010

Mmmm Tasty dirt.

Well, dirt's only tasty when you ride on it well. And I was riding well till I ate it. Not that hard, but I still ate it.

Here's a recipe for a fantastic Monday: do a ton of physical work (sawing, hammering, hoisting things, and moving heavy stuff) on Friday and Saturday to complete your garage bike workshop. Then on Sunday, get up, go ride your mtb bike and crash hard. I tweaked my left calf muscle trying to unclip, my left hip is pretty bruised up, my left elbow has some skin missing, and my entire left shoulder area hurts. Guess you figured out that I landed on my left side. Had I been able to unclip, I might have did a little tuck and roll maneuver, but alas, I just let my left side take the brunt of it.

It's weird, cause pretty much all the crashing I've done on the bike have been left hand turns. I've had this same kinda crash twice on my mtb - I think I don't lean enough and just turn the handlebar, causing the front wheel to slide out. Then on the road, the crash in Fayetteville, AR that knocked me out for a while was on a left hand turn; a crash at a Norfolk crit was a left hander(though not my fault, I couldn't avoid the tumbling bikes/bodies in front of me); and a LONG time ago, I crashed on my left side and seriously hurt my wrist. That last one happened near the end of a season with only the Omaha Corporate Cycling Challenge ride left in the season. So I showed up to the start anyway with a brace around my wrist and of course Shim had to make a guess as to how I injured my wrist. His suggestion had nothing to do with biking. I'll let you fill in the blank...

So I don't know what's up with me and left hand turns. I better not get into NASCAR or anything.

This month I'm back to working early days - 6am to 3pm. So once I heal up from this weekend's adventures, I'll probably join some of the group rides.


brady said...

For the longest time, Derek Zoolander couldn't turn left, but he learned eventually.

Sorry to hear about the bad luck

Mike Miles said...

When did you crash??

Jeremy said...

He crashed entering the second portion of the trees on the north portion of the loop...I almost ran right over him...Then adding insult to injury he snapped the chain...Mike..your riding good though keep it up.

munsoned said...

Brady - good catch, I should've woven that into the story.

Mike - what Jeremy said. Basically after that one straight, flat section that looks kinda like a little valley, then you take a right hander and bomb downhill with sweeping fun right and evil left handers. I bit it on the first left hander.

Meh, that's mountain biking.

Oh, and thanks Jeremy. It was fun riding with you guys. I still got some elbees to lose and fitness to regain, but I'll be turning some screws before you know it.

Mike Miles said...

Work on losing that weight on Saturday... 5 hrs of gravel/singletrack on tap. Maybe,just maybe a modified Metro Single track tour???