Wednesday, August 25, 2010


That's how many days ago I was born. I should say, minus a few since there' s leap years in there, but I'm too lazy to figure out how many. I coded a mini program in college that told you how may days were in a year that you entered. It wasn't easy since it's not just every 4 years. I think you skip centuries and years that are multiples of 10? Google it if you must.

So I'm 33. Kinda weird. I feel pretty young, but time is starting to move faster as it does when you age.

Today has already started out pretty nice. I woke up at 5:15am, rode to the bike warehouse to build some bikes. Got a few done while listening to great music - a couple No Doubt albums and a couple Prokofiev Violin Concertos. Good stuff. I pushed the pace hard to get from the bike building job to UNMC. Felt great in the cooler weather. I was sweaty by the end, but I just stood outside in the shade for a bit and dried off quickly. Love the lack of humidity.

I'm in great spirits now, but that's probably the 3 cups of coffee talking. I'm here at UNMC till 7pm, then I'll ride home, eat some dinner, veg for a bit, then come back to UNMC to run camera for a late night event - 10pm to 11pm. So a total of 13 hours of working today. Yay.

Happy coffee-induced feelings already seeping away...

Oh, thanks to all who wished me a happy b-day on Facebook. Not sure if my response got through to everyone. I guess if I used it more, I'd understand it better. I have a hard time compacting my thoughts into short blurbs. So Facebook, and to a worse extent, Twitter, are not my cups of tea. Or rather coffee since I like that better - which reminds me, I should drink some more. But anywho, it's probably just my long windedness that's to blame.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Corporate Cycling Championship

The race ride starts tomorrow morning at 8.

Rallying point: downtown Starbucks (by the library) at 7:15.

Have a coffee, roll over there, start a block ahead of everybody else so the doorknob on the TT bike (probably Shim) doesn't kill us.

That is all.