Friday, February 27, 2009

First race of the season.

Want to see how your winter training (or lack thereof in my case) has helped you get ready for the race season?  Then head North bound to partake in one of the first races of the season.  It's our own Tour of Cali, but without the coast, multiple days, large crowds, huge teams, media coverage, or pretty much anything else.  But it's the best way to get a boost to your fitness this early in the year.  Details below:

The Twin Bing Road Race
The Event
The Twin Bing Road Race is an A and B category race starting in the very
small town of Climbing Hill, Iowa on Saturday, March 21st.

The Course
Starting on the only street in town, the clockwise course will proceed
upward and westward on D54, north on 'Old Hwy 141' (D25), east on D38
past Bronson and south on K64 back to Climbing Hill. You want hills? We
got hills! Nice tarmac all the way around.

The Races
A- (1,2,3) 68 miles (3 laps + hilltop finish) Start: 10:00am
B- (3,4,5) 45 miles (2 laps + hilltop finish) Start: 10:15am

The Cost
$20 (no late fee!)

The Prizes
A- 6 places: $150, 100, 80, 60, 40, 20
B- 4 Places: $100, 70, 50, 30

The Registration
Day-of at the County Sheriff's Substation north side of the street in
Climbing Hill. Registration closes at 9:45am.

Save some time: Fill out a Standard Athlete's Release and bring it with
you. Make checks payable to "SC Velo". Renew your licence now!

The Rules
The Yellow Line rule will be enforced. Yes, we really mean it. Wheels
in, wheels out. Feedzone in front of the Substation. 

There will be water and bathrooms at the Substation. Otherwise, come
prepared! The town is a few churches and a dozen or so houses. There is
a cafe but it's probably not open this time of year. There's no gas
station so don't show up running on fumes. If you did Ragbrai in 2006
then the stretch on D38 will be deja vu all over again.

The Directions
Mapquest or Google Climbing Hill, Iowa.
(Here's the google directions from midtown, Omaha)

The Go-to Guy
Bill Mize
(712) 252-1344 

The Sponsor
Palmer Candy

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I have no response to that...

I doubt anyone will get that random quote in the title.  It's from a movie that most seem to hate, but I loved.  Anywho....

Not much going on in Munsonville.  I'm getting fatter, if that's considered a "goings on."  I can't wait for warmer days and longer evenings so I can take off after work and ride for hours.  It's tough to do that now when work's done at 4:30pm, it gets dark at 5:45, and it's usually pretty chilly.  Meh.  That's life.  I guess if I lived near the equator, I wouldn't have this problem.  But then I'd be in the desert.  And that doesn't sound like fun either.

So goes the randomness that is my world.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Prepare for the Ice Age!!!

Well, it's not that bad.  But today is basically the last day you could possibly ride on clear dry ground for at least a week.  Tomorrow's afternoon commute should be very interesting with blowing heavy snow in full effect.  Pedal safe if you plan to ride.

This weekend is probably either a trainer, mtb snow trail, or fun slow road ride situation.  It's also"valentimes" day (the way my woman pronounces, which I find very cute).  So spend some time with your significant other if you survive the cold and snow.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Newest Hosre in the barn!

Ya this one goes to 11!

Carbon Bar and Clear bar-tape!

Yes it is SUPER!

No these are not the wheel that will be on it!

And this is just bragging!

And no its not mine, But I do get to ride it for the next year. As soon as the snow melts!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Plans? Plans?

If you are one of the 2 or three people who still follow my blog and check in for ride plans, here's what I know.


Ok, but seriously.  SATURDAY, 2 known options so far:

1. 10am Kohls at 72nd and Pacific.  Hop along for the Spence Pain Train.  There will be speed and there won't be stops.  Bring your lungs and your legs and give em hell.

2. 5pm at EB's house, then ride downtown to watch some filmage, then ride around like a bunch of crazies(?) 

What am I doing?  I have no idea.  I'd like to ride with the fasties, but I'd also like to ride with a group for more than an hour, as they'd likely drop me pretty darn quick.  And I'm ok with that.  By mid summer, I plan on being in shape enough to join them again.  And the evening thing sounds intriguing, but I'll be in dispose from 3pm on.  So if anyone else has a ride planned for morning or noon or till 2pm, let me know.


Again, I have no idea.  Bryan may be waiting for me to make a decision, and I'm waiting for someone else to pipe up and give some time guidelines.  If anyone has a timeline, let us know.  I'm open all day so make a choice and I'll be there.