Thursday, February 12, 2009

Prepare for the Ice Age!!!

Well, it's not that bad.  But today is basically the last day you could possibly ride on clear dry ground for at least a week.  Tomorrow's afternoon commute should be very interesting with blowing heavy snow in full effect.  Pedal safe if you plan to ride.

This weekend is probably either a trainer, mtb snow trail, or fun slow road ride situation.  It's also"valentimes" day (the way my woman pronounces, which I find very cute).  So spend some time with your significant other if you survive the cold and snow.


Scott Redd said...

I'm ready! At least, I hope so.

I put the studded Nokians back on, puncturing a tube in the process. :(

I thought I had punctured a second one, but it seems to be holding air. I'll check again in the morning. A second set of wheels would be perfect for this. A second bike would be even better. :)

If it's too bad in the afternoon, I can grab a bus. That strategy got the best of me last year (this was before bike commuting). I deliberately took a bus in on a day where the weather prognosticator called for a massive snow. He was right. In fact, he was so right that my employer started sending people home. Unfortunately, MAT had the same idea, and people were stranded downtown. Luckily, I got a home ride with a friend.

RD said...

I drove today... If anyone needs ride let me know.. I have rack on top of my car...

johnny said...

With the winter onslaught on us. Just wondering if any of you guys are going on the trip to TX with Trek? Three days of riding sounds good to me.