Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I have no response to that...

I doubt anyone will get that random quote in the title.  It's from a movie that most seem to hate, but I loved.  Anywho....

Not much going on in Munsonville.  I'm getting fatter, if that's considered a "goings on."  I can't wait for warmer days and longer evenings so I can take off after work and ride for hours.  It's tough to do that now when work's done at 4:30pm, it gets dark at 5:45, and it's usually pretty chilly.  Meh.  That's life.  I guess if I lived near the equator, I wouldn't have this problem.  But then I'd be in the desert.  And that doesn't sound like fun either.

So goes the randomness that is my world.


LoupGarou said...

Joe Versus the Volcano?

munsoned said...

Yup yup. Great movie.

Sean said...

Never seen it. But I did, of course, Google that quote to see what it was from.

Hey, I'm getting fat too. Well, really, I got fat over Christmas Break. I've just been maintaining lately. But I'm anxious to lose a little of that extra weight. Maybe once it thaws in Chicago...maybe in May.

Shim said...

Mike, Can you post this for Sioux City Velo.

The Twin Bing Road Race
The Event
The Twin Bing Road Race is an A and B category race starting in the very
small town of Climbing Hill, Iowa on Saturday, March 21st.

The Course
Starting on the only street in town, the clockwise course will proceed
upward and westward on D54, north on 'Old Hwy 141' (D25), east on D38
past Bronson and south on K64 back to Climbing Hill. You want hills? We
got hills! Nice tarmac all the way around.

The Races
A- (1,2,3) 68 miles (3 laps + hilltop finish) Start: 10:00am
B- (3,4,5) 45 miles (2 laps + hilltop finish) Start: 10:15am

The Cost
$20 (no late fee!)

The Prizes
A- 6 places: $150, 100, 80, 60, 40, 20
B- 4 Places: $100, 70, 50, 30

The Registration
Day-of at the County Sheriff's Substation north side of the street in
Climbing Hill. Registration closes at 9:45am.

Save some time: Fill out a Standard Athlete's Release and bring it with
you. Make checks payable to "SC Velo". Renew your licence now!

The Rules
The Yellow Line rule will be enforced. Yes, we really mean it. Wheels
in, wheels out. Feedzone in front of the Substation.

There will be water and bathrooms at the Substation. Otherwise, come
prepared! The town is a few churches and a dozen or so houses. There is
a cafe but it's probably not open this time of year. There's no gas
station so don't show up running on fumes. If you did Ragbrai in 2006
then the stretch on D38 will be deja vu all over again.

The Directions
Mapquest or Google Climbing Hill, Iowa.

The Go-to Guy
Bill Mize
(712) 252-1344

The Sponsor
Palmer Candy

munsoned said...

Shim, post where? If you mean this site, no problem. If you mean on Neb cycling or something, I have no authorities to do so.