Sunday, February 08, 2009

Newest Hosre in the barn!

Ya this one goes to 11!

Carbon Bar and Clear bar-tape!

Yes it is SUPER!

No these are not the wheel that will be on it!

And this is just bragging!

And no its not mine, But I do get to ride it for the next year. As soon as the snow melts!


munsoned said...

Very interesting bike. How does that clear bar tape feel/hold up?

Just to rub the weather thing in, it's raining and warm this morning. I hope some of this great weather gets up to you guys soon.

Scott said...

We are still trying to get rid of all the 50 plus inches of snow. Looks like rain tomorrow, snow should be gone then.

EB said...

Who are the guys in the last photo?

munsoned said...

Eric, the guy on the right, Scott, authored this post and is one of the Great Mechanics of the midwest. He used to work at High Gear, but moved up North for some reason. He must like snow, I guess.

The guy on the left is just a little more well known. I guess winning a little race earns you the right to have your name as your web page name.

munsoned said...

Oops. Here's the guy's website. Serves me right for not cutting and pasting.

munsoned said...

Wait! Are you Cereal? I messed that one up too??

I fail at linking.

Last time.

erik said...

when i think about 11 gear cassettes and the marketing scam that justifies them i throw up in my mouth a little.

If I had a dollar for how often I wished I had one more cog on my 7spd freewheeled atlantis, I'd still be poor.

But yes, a fine way to race if you don't have to pay retail (or even wholesale).

erik said...

also, you changed your blog to the same layout as mine. thereby you illuminate both our relative inabilities at web design.

erik said...

but, keep it up. (1 hr. left to the day...)

munsoned said...

Yeah, I should have Lucas spiff my blog up like he did EB's. That's a pretty unique and well laid out site.

I'm sure I could delve into the html and figure it out, but meh. What I got works for me. A Microsoft Paint-made header and my favorite color for the background - green.

bryan said...

scott rules. that is all.

erik said...

mmm... green.

it's probably the best template going, i agree.

and i've been considering getting a go (very) fast bicycle lately more and more, myself.

munsoned said...

Erik, a stiff light bike makes riding extremely fun somehow. Long rides on said bike can be uncomfortable, unless you find the perfect blend of fit, tire pressure, and comfy connector points (saddle, bars, and shoes).

Being able to stand and sprint to feel the difference between a smooth, possibly flexy bike compared to a rocket racing machine is a great experience. A stiff bike will make you feel like you're on a fixed gear since all power you put to the pedals goes to the cement.