Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Shomer Shabbos!

True story: I was riding down the Keystone to my bike building job when I came up to a guy shuffling along while hunkered over a stroller and talking on his cell phone.  I of course called out, "Passing on your left" of which I knew he'd be pretty oblivious.  What I didn't know is that there was a very anxious dog behind a fence along the trail that couldn't contain her excitement any longer when I passed between her and the stroller pushing reluctant father.  Lots of barking ensued and I think the guy nearly crapped himself.  I hear from him after I'm leaving the interesting scene, "Go ride on the road."

I continue riding on trying to process what I just heard.  "Ride on the road?"  On the road I usually hear the opposite, "Get on the sidewalk," so I was in deep turmoil as to where my place in the world should be.  Guess I need to invent a flying bike.

Ok, that actually wasn't a true story.  Or was it?  With the other guys writing great stuff I decided to join the party partly.  I read the reply that Fred made on an old post about joining their pact to write once a week.  His reply was a couple days after I made the post, but I didn't see if for a month for some reason.  I wonder if I should tell him that I did see that reply?  What do you think, Brady?

I do enjoy their stories though. You never know if they are telling you their version of real life experiences or just making something up completely.  I guess that's what makes a good writer.

So anywho, SHOMER SHABBOS!!!  I'm proposing an easy 3 hour ride from Aksarben in the morning (7am or 8am start, tbd) this Saturday.  It's gonna be a warm and possibly windy/rainy one, so the earlier in the day the better.. But it will be fun.  And when I say "easy ride" I mean that there might be some punchiness, but don't expect me and Randell to follow all of them. That's right, I said Randell.  As in Jon Effing Randell of cat 1 racing lore.  He has recently come out of retirement from newborn wrangling and brewing/beer drinking.  Well, he's still doing both in abundance, but adding easy riding to the unending list of parental responsibilities.  And like me, he's a little soft of the mid-section and formerly strong of the legs.  But we're working on it.

I imagine we'll head South and maybe do the old Wednesday Night Worlds route, or maybe hit the Glennwood Loop.  However, those routes might delve into the 3-4 hour mark.  We'll see.  2.5 hrs has been our norm for the past few weeks.  Bumping up to 4 might be a tad much.

UPDATE!!  We will be leaving Jones Bros Cupcakes at 7:30am.  Arrive early if you want a cuppa somefin.


brady said...

True story: everything I write is a true story. I cannot write outside of my own experience. I've tried, but I just cannot do it. Everything I write about, I have experienced. I might embellish the story here or there. I may also fib here or there. Tell white lies from time to time. Once or twice, I may have down right lied to you. Okay, so it's a complete fabrication. Who cares? Geez! The point is that it gets the job done (deadline) and it's posted on the internet each Friday.

I believe everything I read on the internet. That's what makes me a distinguished person. And because I believe everything I read is true -- including my fabrications -- it logically follows that so long as I read my own posts, I validate their, um, validity. Therefore, everything I write is a true story.

Let me provide another example. While reading your Shomer Shabbos post, I completely believed your "Go Ride on the Road" story. Therefore, since I believe everything I read on the internet, it's the truth. I'm telling you: that story happened, brother. Here's what's also true: later, when you claimed it as a false experience, you made yourself a liar. Not because you allegedly may/may not have made up the story, but it was because I had already validated it as the Truth a moment before you claimed it was false. You're a liar, Munson.

Anyway, you don't need to tell Fred about reading the 'pact' reply. Even though I told you last Saturday that Fred doesn't know shit, he's actually omniscient and already knows you read it.

And because Fred's omniscient, he already knew/knows that I would be sending my regrets about this Saturday morning. I would if I could, but I'm already committed to swimming in the corporate swim challenge in the Century Link Center, from 9-11 AM.

brady said...

Fred's omniscient because I just read the comment above, posted one minute ago

munsoned said...

As Fred already knows, I wish you luck on your Saturday splashfest. Just make sure to swim fast enough to avoid raisin-wrinkly digits. Cause that's just gross.

bryan said...

you boys figure out a departure time yet?

munsoned said...

Update is at the bottom.

Fred Hinsley said...

This is the first I've seen of all of this. The great thing about omniscience is not being aware of it. I know everything except for the fact that I know everything. Of course, only in the biblical sense. It was this "oblivious omniscience" that obviously led me straight to this morning's ride without having a clue that it was going on. In contract or compliment to Brady, everything I write is fabrication because I believe nothing. Unless I haven't read it yet. For instance, when I was reading about the guy with the stroller, I was thinking "This is such bullshit." Until you said you made it up. Yeah, the corporate swimming challenge. Whatever.