Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Back (and maybe) with avengeance....

So after the lovely Shabbos + 1 easy spin ride, I went to go see Transformers for the second time with my bro and dad. After the movie or even before, I started to feel kinda sick. I was really sleepy and not hungry even though we did a 3 hour ride. Then in the afternoon, I started to get that dreaded tickle/scratch in the back of my throat that usually signifies a cold coming on. Well I took it easy Monday, no ride to work even, and had an afternoon nap, but was still feeling exhausted. I had a cough that was producing mucus, my lymph nodes were swollen, general achy-ness all over, and some lovely sinus drainage. The easy monday didn't solve any of it, so no ride to work today either. Which usually means no training ride unless I ignore the messy apartment and don't feel like eating till late. Both of which are tough to do when they sound less strenuous than a ride.

SO, if I can't shake this damn thing by this weekend, I may be out of the twilight crit. Or I may just suffer though it and not do well at all, which could be the case anyway since I have no idea how I'll stack up against my fellow cat 1/2s. I haven't trained or raced against any of them since Norfolk which was a long time ago. I know I've gotten faster since then, but by how much I'm not sure. At any rate, this race will be fun. A new course to try and having it in the evening will be a whole different experience.

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bryan said...

If I get sick because I rode in the same zip code as you twice in two days ... we're gonna have some words.