Thursday, July 05, 2007

Independence day group ride quotes.

July 4th group ride on the Wed. night ride route. 5 of us: Jon, Fred, Bryan, Brady, and yours falsely. Jon and I had just done a slight hammerfest a mere 12 hours prior, so we were pretty baked. Here are some of the more choice quotes that were heard on the group ride:

"We call it the 'French Toast'" - Fred

"There's a hole back there....Shomer Shabbos!!!!" - Mike

"I have this amazing saddle sore. I will post a pic of it on my blog." - Fred

"Fred, you dropped me." - Jon (who was only a bike length away near the top of the hill and then was with Fred after the crest)

Any of youse guyse have others that were of note? Post a comment to remind us all of how awesomely epic the ride was.

There's some great stories behind some of these quotes. Ask us and we'll fill you in. Or, just show up to one of our rides and experience and/or add your own choice quotes.


fredcube said...

I think my personal favorite was when I went by y'all on that last little hill in 53X12, and Bryan yelled "Der Jan, ja wohl!" or some such thing.

Good times, good times.

bryan said...

Fred's face didn't turn nearly as red as Jan's did, though.

bryan said...

fred: you know what I'd do if I was Obama (who raised a ton of money in june)?

bryan: two chicks at the same time.

fredcube said...

Jon: Fred, are you going to see Paul Simon when he comes to town?

Fred: How fuckin' old do you think I am?

fredcube said...

Bryan: Not Brian - Ryan Adams.
sings ... back in the summer of '69 ...