Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Day off mega miles-fest.

So the plan is, well I don't know yet. There are 2 rides I'm up for on Wednesday morning. At 5:45am(?!?!) at Culvers in Bellevue, Kent, and some other fast guys are doing a cool one hundred. At 7am (more reasonable) Fred is planning on leaving the Trek Store to do the normal Wednesday night ride route up to Ft Calhoun and back. So that one will only be 45-ish miles or so. Could always tack on some more miles if time/stamina allow. I'm doing a small team ride with Jonny and one of the Lincoln team guys tonight and I know Jonny wants to do a ride tomorrow, but maybe not 100. Therefore it's more likely we'll do the Trek ride at 7am. If Jonny rides down there, he'll have a good hour in already so his ride to and from the group ride might give him enough.

All this is just planning, no decisions have been made. Please respond if you would like to sway me more toward the 7am Trek Store ride.


bryan said...

I'm in for the Trek Store ride. I'll ride down there, too.

fredcube said...

Alright. Fine. I just changed plans to go to culver's (but I really did not want to). I'm at Trek at 7 AM. That's final.