Thursday, December 27, 2007

Weekend run or ride?

Any plans for this weekends get together, assuming we have one? I'm free all weekend and need some exercise. This weather better improve soon or I'm gonna give Ms. Thang mother nature a stern shaking of my fist followed by a serious look of disapproval.


bryan said...

As long as I'm gone for a good chunk of Sunday morning, I'm up for anything.

bryan said...

Update: I have to be back at my house by 11:30. Or I can ride after that -- 2:30 or so to whenever.

It's supposed to be warm on Sunday. But Saturday, regrettably, is probably out.

munsoned said...

We could do something crazy and go on a short ride in the morning then meet up with Brady in the afternoon and do a run? He's usually busy Sunday mornings. Plus I haven't seen or heard anything from him for a while. Wonder if he's out of town?

I will be posting my Thursday evening ride experience soon, so that will give you my views on venturing out for another cold ride.