Friday, December 14, 2007

Learnin some skillz.

I've been riding to work and ya know, it's not that bad out there. You just have to go slow around corners and start the deceleration process on downhills a good couple blocks early. But it's kinda fun riding squirrely. I almost went down today in front of a bunch of Jr high kids. I transitioned from a sidewalk to brick street at a turn and that was truly slick. I felt the front end start to go, but I kept it up.

I think we should get out with the heavy bikes and do some easy riding. Learn some handling skills. Could be fun!


fredcube said...

Sure it's fun for you whipper snappers. I might break a hip.

Aaron Pool said...

yeah, I've always enjoyed riding in the snow and ice. Ice is ridable if its slightly thawed.

fredcube said...

I approve of the message posted at 10:29 AM by fredcube.

RF said...

I agree with Fred. Those who like ice and snow should stay on mountain bikes.
Fredcubes experimentation with drugs as a teenager makes any further commentary from him illegitimate.