Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Munsy's Tuesday run

My evening run by the numbers: (or something like that)

Distance: 4-ish miles on Brady's suggested route.
Conditions: Ice in spots where snow melt was turning as temp was dropping
Temperature: 30* or so at the beginning, mid twenties by the end
Elapsed Time: 30-ish minutes, not including walkdown
Average pace: somewhere between fast and slow
Max HR: up there
Average HR: somewhere between dead and up there
Calories burned: not enough to justify eating this. (shucks) Instead, I ate the leftovers of this(still probably too much, but too delicious).

Comments: Yay! I did a run on my own! I think the secret is to go out before I eat dinner. No more, "Oh I'll just wait till my stomach settles.." 2 hrs later... "Oh hey, my favorite show is on.." which is pretty much anything that will hold my attention for 2 minutes... Later... "Darn it, it's 10pm, time for sleep."

I will keep in shape this winter, oh yes, I will.

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brady said...

Good job, chap. It wasn't too bad, was it? And four miles is still over 400 calories. Also, thanks for reminding me of a tip about eating. I've updated the Primer on Winter Running and gave you proper reference.