Saturday, December 01, 2007

How does an "Ice Event"

as Bryan called it, take out the whole day? Well when you bake some cookies, watch a couple movies, then eat a wonderful food-inducing-coma stew, you generally don't get much done.

I meant to maybe leave the house and do something. Anything. Especially head over to Ryan and Roxys for their annual endo the year partay. However, the stew that my woman made was pretty serious. I mean, damn. I ate a bowl, felt full, and laid down for a second. 2 hours later, and well past my bedtime, I awoke and realized I should probably call it a lost day.

In other news, a brand spankin new Charbucks opened a block away from me. And here I am trying to get away from drinking coffee. Gah. All that construction at the old Aksarben area is either going to bring many conveniences, or turn my new neighborhood into a bustling, traffic-jammed headache.

In other, other news, I think I need to work off some of the laziness I acrued today. Bryan, post a time and place if you'd like to meet for a short-ish ride tomorrow morning. I'll check and confirm in the early morning since I'm going to bed now. I do have to be home by 11:30, and would like to take it easier on the ride than last week. It's supposed to be mid 20s with a NW upper teens wind - just lovely. If the rollers/trainer sound like a better option for you, I completely understand. I'll just head out for an afternoon run or something. It's all good.


bryan said...

I'm gonna stay inside. It's supposed to be snowing, and I sure as shit don't roll in the snow. Stay away from the stew tomorrow, but welcome the coffee. As long as it's coffee and not a latte or mocha or something.

munsoned said...

I suppose I could dig out my trainer too. Man I don't like thinking about that.

I plan on eating very sparsely unless I actually ride. If I ride for more than an hour on the trainer, I think I deserve a cake or something.

I only get coffee at work. At home I just suffer the caffeine headaches and call it good.

2000ConjointMilesTHX!Blogger! said...

I bet you are praying like a pagan on the 2nd coming for me to go back to NE so I could serve you free HARBUCKS (come on, show some respect) at your command only a block away from la casa de munson.

On a more uplifting note, Kingpin was on two nights ago. Long live le Munson!

"sweeter that yoohoo"
-roy munson

munsoned said...

When will you be back in town, oh Harbucks overseer?