Friday, December 14, 2007

It's Done!

The finished product.

11-23 Powerdome cassette

Carbon Compact

Ti Front der

I think the scales is wrong! But I hope not!

These wheels are just sick! and cut off another pound!

I wish they were mine.


fredcube said...

As the good lord said, "Jesus Christ that rocks!"

munsoned said...

Um, Yeah, that bike is hot. And unlike those crazy 12 pound stupid light bikes, that one could take some real world use. Maybe not so much the wheels, but at 14-ish pounds for a solid road machine, that's pretty awesome. I don't, however, want to know the price tag on the Lightweight wheel equipped road machine. We're talking car price level, right?

Peter said...


Some things in life are meant to be expensive (fine wine, nice cars, cheap women, et cetera). Unfortunately, we got suckered into a sport in which one of the expensive items is involved. Okay- a lot of expensive items are involved but I am referring to the bike. But, that's what makes a nice EXPENSIVE bike so damn enjoyable. You could spend your money elsewhere, or you could put it towards your love... a bike and somehow (yeah, sick) we are okay with that.

Grumpy said...

Ya the wheel-set! retail for 4100.00
and weigh 1004 grams. Not including tires and cassette. I wish I could afford a set. I'm just thankful that I'll get to ride them every once and a while.