Tuesday, January 15, 2008

So Fresh and So Clean.

As promised I'm cutting into prime sleeping time to post pics of our new team kits.

For your viewing pleasure:

It always baffles me to see how much I look like my little brother. You'd think we were related or something.

Oh yeah, Weight Loss Challenge '08 update. Well I first weighed in at 170 with clothes. After a week of about 14hrs of riding, I was down 2 pounds. I don't know if it'll last though. The future weather outlook is quite glib. Snow tomorrow possibly totaling half a foot, then cold as-the-ass-of-death temps for the foreseeable future. Ugh. This does not bode well for my interest in exercise since the outdoors will be almost dangerous. Crappity crap-crap.


bryan said...

Hmmm ... definitely a different look, but I'm not sure the shorts and jersey go together. I think a bit of orange in the shorts -- maybe as trim on the stripes -- would make a difference. Or maybe orange shading on the LI logo on your hip.

That said, I really like the jersey. It's a cool look. And you could rock Rabobank helmets now.

If you beg nicely, I could make copies of a few races for you. Do you have riding/watching capabilities?

brady said...

I like your grrranimals. Actually, I'm jealous. Cool kit.

Bryan: I'll beg for copies of the races, nudge nudge wink wink

munsoned said...

I think the shorts are going to be a transition over some years. Maybe next year, they'll be blue and orange. It costs more to have multi colored shorts though. And orange or white shorts just wouldn't work.

With regard to the vids, my trainer is at HighGear. I leave it there so I don't have to lug it back and forth every Wensday (yup, I spelled it wrong, kernal). I may pick up running again for the next week or so if it really does dump on us then not melt....ever. I need to move to Arizona.

Anonymous said...

Please god, no white shorts.

Anonymous said...

Week one down, and with a little effort so are three pounds according to the work scale. I'll have to see what the scale at the store says.

You know you can still ride in the snow, but I may succumb to the trainer as the high for Saturday is 8 degrees. Parts of the anatomy get pretty cold pretty fast.

Shim said...

I like the jersey's, the photo of you squatting down in the "take a crap" position I could have done without.

munsoned said...

Josh, I actually rode to work in this stuff (see new post). I have some great clothing to wear to keep me warm. If you can get that part done, the rest is easy.

Shim, I fart in your general direction.