Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The hardest part is hopping on.

I haven't ridden since Sunday's trainer session at Bryan's. Well I rode to work, but that's like two 15 minute mosies. Not real riding. Today I told myself since I wasn't going to make the trainer ride at High Gear, that I should do my own trainer ride. I got home from work as it was snowing outside and cursed the winter. I grumbled to myself, "Well I already have the bike shorts on...but I really don't feel like subjecting myself to the trainer.....but I wouldn't mind watching Pro the Movie again since it's been a couple years...but it's the friggin trainer, it's gonna suck."

So after glancing down at my (slowly expanding) bare belly, I decided to give it a go. It was *gulp* fun. I put in a 10 minute and 15 minute LT interval at intense parts of the show, for motivation. One of which was Horner's massive attack on Manayunk wall. Man, I forgot how it felt to really dig deep and make your lungs hurt in an interval.

Maybe since I don't ride as much anymore, I get a much larger endorphine rush compared to my competitive days. I felt awesome after the trainer ride. I'm going to have to put in some more trainer time.


Matt N said...

I've never seen PRO. May I borrow it?

munsoned said...

Sure. I'll drop it by the shop sometime.