Friday, January 25, 2008

Shabbos double post

Gonna be mid-30s to low 40s tomorrow. Wind from the west under 10 mph. I say we roll.

Bike Masters?
3 hours?

Input needed.

Oh, and Mike -- I saved a copy of the paper with your quote in it.


munsoned said...

I'll be there, and I'm bringing the green machine. It's WAY too messy outside to subject my Dur-ah-che components to the elements. Hope you weren't planning on doing any speed stuff. I may try to get teammates Legg and Randell out with us.

Any plans for Sunday yet? I will have to take the woman into work at noon, but the afternoon weather looks quite beautimus with temps at mid 40s with a mild South wind.

bryan said...

Actually, the roads where we'll be aren't bad. Unless you're riding there. Then you're hosed. But from Bike Masters on out, they're dry.

Sunday we have a team meeting at Upstream at 4, so I'd have to be in the driveway at 3. That'd be a shorter ride, but we could go far if we bust it.

johnny said...

It is sad when people view 30-40 degrees as good weather. I will be there as well.