Sunday, January 06, 2008

Now that's what I'm talkin bout..

Great fun today. With the ride to and from I had just over 4 hrs on the bike. The last hour of hills seemed a little quicker than standard Shabbos (+1) effort, but then again, I was purdy tired.
Missed having Sean and Brady on board, but it was nice having Marco and Matt Pav. tow us for most of the ride. So total headcount was 7 of us: Me, Bryan, John, Ryan, Roxxy, the Pav, and Marco.

Good times all around. We ventured up North then West, then Northwest, turned around, headed back toward Elkhorn and got some of my favorite brick road mashing in before meandering back home. I haven't been on the Bike Masters Wed night ride route in a while. I have many memories of pain on those roads. I really should visit their rides once in a while this coming summer. It's just really convenient to hop into the Trek Store ride since it's right by my house.

So I'm off to a great start of burning calories for the Weight Loss '08 challenge. Ran an hour or so Saturday, didn't do the ride in the afternoon though (Sorry Matt), and put in some good miles today. Now I just have to somewhat watch what I eat and ride just about everyday with at least 2 long rides a week. That'll get me down to fighting weight by May.


Sean said...

DAMMIT I wish I went on this ride. There is a very good chance I would have ralphed though, especially if Marco and Pav were out there. I got pretty sloppy on my birthday.

We have to ride another time though. Soon. I'm in slightly better shape now and I have to show it off.

brady said...

I would have ralphed and I wasn't hung over. It would have been cool too, because I roar like a lion when I puke. Oh well, maybe next time.

munsoned said...

Actually, the pace was really mellow until the end. But I think I was just wearing down by then. Our average couldn't have been more than 18mph. So you guys would have been fine. Don't worry, there'll be plenty of more times to ralph on a ride this Summer.

RF said...

that was a good ride. i look fwd to more of em in the weeks ahead.

I havent weighed myself in season in years, so i have no idea what my "racing weight" should be. but my scale right now says I am 17.5-18.5% body fat. I've tested myself every morning last 5 days under same conditions. apparently i'm at the high range of "healthy" for my age and height. ouch. I guess it means I have a lot of weight to lose. to get down to 10% body fat (reasonable for an amateur cyclist, no?) then I have 14 lbs to lose, and should end up close to 160. that would be sweet.

munsoned said...

160 is a very reasonable goal to shoot for, Ryan. It'll be tough, but you can do it with lots of riding (never a bad thing) and cutting down on portions (a little harder to do). The most important fact in weight loss is that your stomach can only consume a certain amount of calories an hour. So the best thing to do is eat 5 small (400-500 calories) meals a day. I have a real hard time doing this myself. And I just realized that all those times I scarffed down a 1500 calorie Chipotle burrito in a half hour, it basically meant 1000 of those cals, if not more, were going to be stored as fat. I need to really rethink my eating habits.

bryan said...

Last time I had my body fat measured it was around 7 or 8 percent. That was (I think) four years ago. I weigh the same, but my legs are a lot bigger now. Maybe it's 6 or 7 percent? No idea.

Sean -- you=loser.

johnny said...

Sounds great. I just moved up here from KS in Bellevue area. I have a flexible schedule and looking for some rides. Do you guys have a schedule or just this site?

John Fairbanks

munsoned said...

Hey John, we don't have a set schedule, per se, but we get together when we can. We try to do either a run or ride on Saturdays and a long ride on Sundays. These get togethers are, of course, influenced by schedules, weather, and attendance, but we try every week. Bryan works an evening shift and has a new baby. So his weekday riding is pretty much trainer only. I'm not sure what Brady's afternoon schedule is, and he is a budding (and promising) cyclist who runs alot too. I'm a semi-retired cat 2 racer who has slowed way down and just wants to ride when I can. I have a rotating monthly shift and during Jan. I get off work at 3:30pm. Wednesdays I plan on hitting the HighGear trainer ride by either driving or riding out there. Let me know if you want to join up for any rides. The more group rides, the merrier.

johnny said...

retired, aren't you the young guy my brother beat at Lincoln Plating in 2004? I will be at the Highgear indoor deal Wed night if my trainer shows up with the movers. As for riding I set my own schedule. I rode year round with a retired racer in KS 330 pm all winter long. So if anyone can ride at that time I got gear.


RF said...

I will be looking to get some bae miles in on some afternoons this month, often Weds Thurs & Fris with rides starting approx 1:30 or 2pm and riding 1.5-3+ hours.

some dates I will be doing this:
Fri Jan 11
Jan 16, 17, 18, 24 & 25
and of course long rides on weekends.

email me if you want to connect up for these rides. FYI i am not as fast as munson. its base miles time.

munsoned said...

John, yes I am "young" at the age of 30, but I have acquired a very "grown" amount of debt, like scary debt. Bike racing, living beyond your means, and a low wage is not a good equation. So I'm semi-retiring from racing till I get my finances in order.
Man! '04 Lincoln Plating?? That was ages ago. Looking back at my race resume, I got a 7th, 4th, and 2nd place in the cat 4s for that stage race. I don't even remember the courses or opponents though. Crazy stuff.

Ryan, it's base miles for me too, buddy. But if you're feelin froggy, be ready to bring it.

johnny said...

rf, sounds great name the place and time. Funny thing is the Army was pressing me to move up here then I get here they say your office isn't ready, find your way around, get settled in, heres a phone, computer, check in, see you the 17th. Free vacation it gets no better. munsoned, my brother won the event, big red haired guy from GI, I sprang him on the crit. I never forget a name,face, result. Like an elephant.

johnny said...


I am computer illiterate, user and abuser. What is your email address? or you can email me at or call me
402-212-5968 I can ride all those days. Was planning on coming to Highgear but got to get son on BBall team.