Saturday, January 26, 2008

Shabbos +1

Crane Coffee on the Keystone (78th/Cass)
Noon -- or very soon thereafter
2.5 hours or so
Civil pace
make changes as necessary

(I have to be back at Crane a few minutes before 3.)


munsoned said...

Noon is a go for me. I'll drop the woman off at 11:30am then either be ready to go and drive, or ride over to Crane if I got the time.

Matt N said...

I hate that I have to work Sunday's now, and I pussed out this morning. Sorry about that one too. Maybe the weather will stay nice and I can get out next weekend.

bryan said...

I'm going to be there either right at 12 or a few minutes after. Chris won't be home from the gym until 11:45, but I'm going to be dressed and pacing by the door.

RF said...

Rox & I are in!