Friday, January 18, 2008

Shabbos ride anyone???

Well being that it'll be around -5 in the mornings and maybe upper single digits for highs this weekend, I'm thinking we should maybe plan a trainer group ride?

Sunday after 12pm, I could get my place all squared away for something like 3 trainers in front of the TV. We could ride for a few hours while watching a one day classic. I have GU to give out to anyone in attendance (hint, hint, Bryan).

Any other thoughts?


bryan said...

Shabbos: I'm riding at Bike Masters at 7ish until 9 or 9:15. Then I'm going back to sleep.

Shabbos +1: It works better for me to go early again. Probably start at 7 and be done a little before 10.

Not saying I'm not open to change, but that's what's going to work best at our house.

Matthew Pavlovich said...


People have been coming over to my place and doing trainer rides (sat/sun) for the last few months.

You are welcome to join.

Usually, Landen, Me, Lindsey, Dave R, Marco. I have a lot of space.


munsoned said...

Bryan, I can't do early at my place because my woman sleeps in and since it's a loft, there's no barrier between bed and tv room. So that's oot. I may join you for Saturday AM though. Do you have room for 2 trainers Sunday AM, Bryan?

Matt, I may be contacting you about Sunday's trainerfest if Bryans place doesn't work out.

bryan said...

plenty of room on Sunday, unless half the team shows up. Considering they'll all be at Pav's, I'm not too worried.

For Saturday, I'm going to be at the shop between 7-7:15, done by 9:15-9:30. I think people stay until 11 or 12 sometimes, though.

munsoned said...

Cool. I'll be at the shop around 7am also. We'll see how long I'll ride in one place. Then Sunday at your place might be good too. That way I can bring my GU supply for your perusal.

bryan said...

I like GU, except for the taste. Oh, and be aware -- Saturday is actually workout discs, rather than race discs. It's the Spinervals stuff. Just don't want you to be surprised.