Friday, January 11, 2008

I can't feel my face.

So if you want to hear a funny story, just ask me about my experience with 1 Margarita after Tour of KC a couple years ago. The title of this post is included in said story.

That is all.


sydney_b said...

omigod. that is so funny. thx. I needed that.

Peter said...


Don't go to Ireland. You may be tempted... You may feel welcomed... BUT DON'T DO IT. DO NOT.

-red hair?
-handles drink?

Don't go to Scotland either. You'd think that they would accept you just out of spite for Ireland, but they would disown your galic-looking-poseur-ginger ass too!

Blood, Liver, Brain. Pick two.

Man, that's a classic Cyko Myke tale for sure!

munsoned said...

By the way Peter, did the trip to O-town not happen over the holidays? Or were you too busy with relatives and such to let us know you were around? It's cool either way, just wonderin. Hope everything's on fire still over there in Cali-land. Must be nice not to need chemical toe warmers.

Peter said...

Mike, do you honestly think I am that big of a low-life to not SHOMER F-ING SHABBOS it with you? I do not think so...

In a sad, sad string of unfortunate occurances, I did not make my way to O-town. Sad it tis'.

Don't worry, I'm counting down the days til our chow-down at King Kong. Peter never forgets.

P.S. Don't need the fire anymore. It has been in the 70's here for the past week. SICK! Too bad most of that time was time well spent under an AC duct at an overly-populated harbucks(tm) location in Long Beach, CA. They had me down to work on the Shabbos. Kraut that scheduled me...I musta told that F a thousand times! I don't work on the Shabbos! I ride on the Shabbos! Oops, looks like TBL has carried me away down yet another lazy river of real-life related movie dialogues.

As the Greeks at King Kong would say... "Peace and Anal Grease, Buddy"

-Peter signing off. Til' next time.

fredcube said...

For the record. Munson has a lot of potential. What he lacks is commitment and discipline. He simply doesn't drink frequently enough. Truth is, he thinks he drank 1 margarita that night. Actually, It was the bartender of the steakhouse's version of a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster. He (the bartender) explained to Ryan (Legg) and me that it was his own invention including 3 or 4 shots of liquor, including some 151 rum.

Ryan drank part of his. Mike drank all of his. Then Ryan coerced Mike to drink another. All before the food got there and after a good day of bike racing.

Considering all of this, it's a wonder he could even walk.

Also, he raced pretty well the next day, without time to warm up or anything.

But yeah, he couldn't feel his face. Oddly enough, he was so drunk that nobody could feel his face. It was a good time. Scared my daughter from ever drinking. Thanks Mike.

munsoned said...

Oh yeah, that's right. I forgot about that. I did drink 2 before the food came. No wonder.

And you're welcome for the free life lesson your daughter got. I'm just glad it wasn't 4 drinks, otherwise I might have been hitting on her. Naw, there's no way I could be that creepy, no matter how much alcohol I've had.