Thursday, January 24, 2008

Morning commute pop quiz.

You know it's cold when:

a. your black balaclava is mysteriously white by end of commute.

b. your tires lose about 15 PSI due to slowing of air molecules.

c. you wear the equivalent of a wetsuit on you legs and they still get cold.

d. in the 20 minutes of riding, your water bottle is frozen.

e. the guy who, on a balmy 15 degree snowy commute last week rolled down his window to call you a freak, could only muster a honk of his horn this time.

f. the temperature is actually, well, I don't know, NEGATIVE 9 /NEGATIVE 16 WITH WINDCHILL!!!!!

g. Munson is a freak.

h. all of the above.


Matt N said...

I've had all of the above, except for G.

Anonymous said...

But, like I said before, it's good to be a little freaky.

brady said...