Friday, February 01, 2008

Weekend plans

Shabbos: If you'se guy's have a plan, I'm all ears(or eyes, as in the case of teh interwebs). Otherwise, if no outside plans are a go, I was thinking about joining this ride.

Shabbos +1: Cloudy and mid to upper 30s for a high at 2pm. I know afternoon is not a popular time, but I think it'll be too cold to go early.

EDIT: Sunday has conflicting weather forecasts. Local stations say upper 30s with snow in evening. Weatherchannel says mid 30s with snow, and says upper 20s(!) with freezing rain?!? So I say any plans for Sunday are probably tentative. Unless they involve riding indoors.

Any ideas, let me know.


JP said...

And then there is always
Or you can join me with a box of donuts and a case of beer for some good ol' fashioned heckling. I figure we should give them 6 or so hours before we start to taunt them.

munsoned said...

Oh Crap!!

I just remembered that I'm doing the Officials Clinic tomorrow at noon. So I'm going to ride in the AM probably, when it's nice and chilly.

If anyone wants to go for a few hour ride on Saturday before 11am, let me know.

bryan said...

I'm not sure what I'm doing yet. I might not be able to get outside. My lungs burned a little yesterday when I cranked it up on the rollers. Outside might not be a good thing. I'll get back to you tonight.

bryan said...

Shabbos: I think I'm going to stay inside and go 2-3 hours on the rollers/trainer. And not with Coach Troy. Mid-teens is a little too chilly for the crud in my lungs.

Shabbos +1: I'd be up for an early afternoon ride, for sure.

munsoned said...

Sunday it is, then. I'll do something on Saturday. Not sure what, but something....

johnny said...

I have been at Ft Knox KY and haven't ridden since last Sunday. I should be fresh.