Wednesday, February 20, 2008

There was a cool breeze this morning.

I knew it was gonna be cold. I bundled up well. What I didn't know was that the wind was coming straight from the NW. That makes it a headwind the whole way to work. It didn't help that it was -8 degrees and the wind was 15mph or so. So apparently it felt like -29 or something? I dunno, I was too busy cursing the wind for not letting me ride faster.

I'm not sure how long I could have stayed out there. If I had a better balaclava, and some ski goggles, I coulda gone for maybe 45 minutes. The balaclava I used was one of those with a mesh over where your mouth is supposed to go with the openning for just your eye area. The thing was big enough for Andre the Giants head, so on me, there was way too much open space for my eye area. I tucked my cycling glasses inside the balaclava and that was probably a mistake. The wind was able to travel down to my left ear. I noticed this the most when my ride was done. My ear felt like it was going to fall off. I didn't notice on the ride, again because of the cursing of the wind.

Other than that, I felt ok. I will try to make it out to the trainer ride tonight, but I'm not making any promises. My car may not feel like starting up, which is why I rode. This weekend it's supposed to get up to 40 degrees!!! So hopefully we can get out on another 3-5 hour ride. Let's try to communicate better on this one so plans get made earlier and no one gets left out.


UnderDaHill said...

Good job riding in. My wife was a bit worried about the extreme cold and "suggested" that I not ride in. So I'll only get 4 days this week if I ride thur/fri.

munsoned said...

Yeah, the conversation between my woman and I was like this after watching the weather forecast:
Her: "You're NOT riding to work tomorrow."
Me: "It won't be too bad, I've ridden in this weather before."
Her: "No, it's gonna be too cold."
Me: "It'll be fine, it's only 3 miles and I'll bundle up."
Her: ".........You're gonna die."

I lived to blog, so that's good enough.

bryan said...

I'm glad you didn't die. That would have been sad. And cold. Really cold.

johnny said...

I feel your pain and when I saw the weather and heard they canceled my kids school I think that commuting was out for the day for you guys. I rode around Palo Alto CA. 60 and sunny. Green grass, flowers, people in shorts. Very strange. I rode with about 30 soldiers some with hand bikes some on trikes a couple as the stoker on tandems. They were happy to be alive. We are now in Montery and riding here tomorrow.

Aaron Pool said...

sounds like you've become an ice-man, the only problem is its not fair to the people driving who must think their hallucinating. Your giving motorists mental truama and putting undue stress on your woman.
all said, I'm impressed, proud even

T-bone said...

Your CRAZY! I'm glad I had to drive to Lincoln first thing Wed or I would have rode to work also.

brady said...

You're inspirational. Keep safe and warm!

Miette said...

Well said.