Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I'm making a forecast for this weekend

It's gonna be COLD(Saturday low of 19, high of 20, WHAT??) and probably still snow covered.
So, who wants to volunteer their abode for some trainer fun? My place could do about 3 people. I know Bike Masters does a full morning on Saturday of trainer madness, so that might be a good idea for that day. If the snow really stays around, I might venture off road and mtb over at Manawa.

Crap, I just remembered I'm on call Saturday AM from 7-noon. Sucks. Plus I'm gonna go vote in the middle of that. So no group trainer ride for me at Bike Masters. But Sunday is still anyone's call.

Ya know, I'm ready for warmer weather. Do you hear me, Ms. Nature??!!! Get to it!!!!


bryan said...

I'll probably go to Bike Masters on Saturday. Sunday will probably end up with 3 hours in the basement. Hopefully no seizures this time, though.

RF said...

dude, i'm not so sure you can just show up and vote anytime saturday. its a caucus. registrations starts 9:15 and begins at 10am. I can drive you.

i'm off to see barack this afternoon.

RF said...

there's a website that explains the process and where you need to go. I'll email it to you later.

munsoned said...

Jeez Ryan, I was speakin in generalities. Yes, I know when/where I need to be on Saturday. And yes, that's who's getting my vote.

Say yes to either H.R.C. or B.O.!!!

Wait, what?

Grumpy said...

H.R.C. has BO

Anonymous said...

Hope the voting went well. I heard the places were packed!

I should of hookup with the indoor training group. I was dumb enough to try the Bellevue loop on Saturday, now I pay...