Sunday, February 24, 2008

Training on the bike can be so weird.

Here was my schedule the last 4 days:
Thursday: Short intensity session with four 2.5 minute VO2(probably more like upper LT since I'm just starting intensity) intervals on the trainer, followed by 3 bouts of circuit training. It's a tough workout that only takes an hour, but leaves you in a quivering mess afterward.

Friday: I was able to get off early so I left work at 2:30, headed South for Plattesmouth, rode up that great hill to the toll bridge, turned around and headed home. Total time a little over 3 hours with some good hill climbing on my heavy commuter and too much clothing on.

Saturday: Rode South to Shims (48th and hwy 370), did a group gravel ride out to Elkhorn river, came back on the old High Gear Wednesday night group ride route. About 3.5 hours with painful gravel road climbing and a strong group of guys who dropped me more than once. The pain in my legs this ride was intense. I haven't felt that weak, leg wise, in a few years. I was worried about Sunday's long road ride.

Sunday(today): 3.5 hour ride with Brady and Bryan. We left Crane Coffee at 1pm, headed downtown, rode South on 13th to Bellevue blvd, across the river into Iowa, up that long climb into Glenwood springs, North at Pacific Juncion, then back to the Keystone as quick as we could since the guys were running late. I felt awesome on this ride for some reason. Well, at least my legs did. My lungs didn't want to open up enough to take in max oxygen. I don't know if it was my winter padding stuffed inside my summer-weight cycling gear, or what, but it was weird. On the way up the Glennwood climb, we saw heading in the opposite direction, Shim, Kev, Ryan and those guys. Also on the trail close to home I talked to Syd and Marc who were in town picking up some goods from their sponsors. It was an awesome ride and I have no idea why I felt so good. Well, now that I think about it....

I was on my on my racing machine so that dropped at least 10 pounds in bike weight. I didn't wear my Lake boots, and instead went with road shoes and covers. That probably dropped another pound or so (those boots were made for stomping). I also didn't wear wool. Now don't get me wrong, wool is awesome if it's uber cold out. But in the upper 30s and 40s I think it's too much. Sure if you sweat, you'll keep warm while wearing wool, but that heavy fabric is going to make you sweat. A lot. And that's more weight dragging you down and depleting your fluids. I also ate pretty consistently and drank almost enough. Food and fluid intake make a huge difference in performance when biking hard. I keep thinking back to something Aaron's coach from Belgium said. "Americans don't eat enough while riding and then eat too much while not riding." Or something to that affect. Also with a Belgian accent. So I'm making sure to eat a bunch while riding and try to cut down while not riding.

Hopefully I can keep up some large mileage days along with some intensity so I can be ready to, uh, not race. Seriously, I need to win that $133 mil powerball or something. I would be so full on into racing this year if I could afford it. Guess I gotta look forward to dominating the masters fields after I pay off my debt in about 10 years. Ugh.


brady said...

All of that stuff about the lighter gear is probably true, but I'd also say that you're also physically healthy right now from all of the winter re-stocking that you call weight gain and the rest. That's not a bad thing.

re: "Americans don't eat enough while riding and then eat too much while not riding."
My question: do you think one nutra-grain bar + power drink per hour is enough...would you consume more/less?

Thanks again for the ride

munsoned said...

Brady, the recommended amount of intake on a ride is 16-24 oz of liquid (can be mix of sports drink and/or water), and 100-200 calories of food per hour. That's a wide range of amounts and really depends on weather, fitness, and personal preference. You can do an average of this too. If you look on GU packets, they suggest one packet every 45 minutes. They are 100 calories each, so that averages to a decent amount over time. Doing a GU every hour-fifteen is probably going to short change you after a while. And since they're expensive, that's another reason I go for the cheapie bars. That, and I forget to eat consistently and the bars are more calories so I can go a little longer between them. I'd say you could get away with a bar every 1.5 hours. But if you do any intensity, upping that to once an hour would be wise.

With regard to fluid intake, it's really varied, moreso than food. It's dependent on rate of sweat. So you could be in 20 degree weather, but be over-dressed and sweating alot, and therefore eventually dehydrated. I've known some forgetful people to set their Polars to chime every 15 minutes so it reminds them to drink often. That's the most important part, drinking often. Bryan had only gotten through 3/4ths of a 20 oz. bottle by the time we got to Glennwood yesterday. That was not drinking enough. I had gotten through almost a full 24 oz bottle and should probably have done a little more.

Yup, the ride was quite great.

bryan said...

mike -- my promise to you: when my mom wins the lottery and hooks me up, I'll hook you up. Help is on the way, friend.