Friday, February 22, 2008

Sunday Ride Plzkthx.

Shabbos + 1!!!!!!!
Meet: Crane Coffee at 78th and Cass!!!!!!!
Time: 1pm!!!!!!
Bikes: road/commuters - all pavement - no gravel!!!!!
Speed: as mellow as we can stand considering it's going to be......


Be there, or miss out on 4 hours of extremely missed warmth.
Post comments if you're joining and if you have a suggestion for a Saturday ride.


bryan said...

I like bikes. I like warm. I like being warm on the bike.

I'll be there. And it might actually be dry -- there's not that much snow to melt anymore.

Matt N said...

I won't because of work. I HATE SUNDAYS!!!!

munsoned said...

So Matt, do you have a suggestion for a Saturday ride? It's not gonna be as warm, but I'm up for whatever.

RF said...

Larry from Harlan is coming in and wants to do a ride Sunday. Unfortunately, him & I cant start as late as 1pm, so we'll likely start at 10 or 11 and then join up with you guys.

RF said...

i have to be on a plane that leaves 6pm sunday night. if i'm home by 4:15 or 4:30 i can make it work. I can make it through eppley like a clydesdale through a jelly donut.

bryan said...

A gentle route suggestion:

Let's go to Glenwood. But let's skip the stuff that got us all muddy as fook last time we headed down that way. Like just SE of downtown -- let's just go straight up 10th Street to the zoo, and then over to 13th just over the interstate. Everybody stays dry and pretty clean.

Si or no?

Matt N said...

Mikeke I'm down for whatever. Just let me know. Road/gravel I'll suck at it all but i need to ride.

munsoned said...

Ryan, I think we'll go with Bryan's suggestion for the route. That means you might want to go your own way so you can get in a decent amount of time. Or you could ride with us and turn around before we head into Iowa. Whichever works for ya. It'd be nice to have you along.

Matt, there's a gravel ride starting at Shim's place Saturday at 11:30am. I was thinking about joining that. I got in a solid 3-ish hours tonight so if I do around 4 hrs both days, that'll be at least 11 hours in a weekend. What's that moderation saying? Oh yeah, go until you can't anymore.

Oh, and Bryan, remember what the trail was like that day? It's still gonna be a mess no matter what route we take. There's still plenty of snow to make the streets and trails cruddy. But maybe after this weekend it'll be the last bit of snow we see for another year. I shirly hope so.

Shim said...

I rode most of the keystone today, very little slop 3-4 icy spots and some run off, no real goop. I can't believe how stocked I was to be riding in 29 degree weather. The gravel will be pretty sweet tomorrow and its a cool route, really and I hate everything.

Where the f is Johnny Randall, bitch I'm calling you out!

(Sorry, I went to the Burrow tonight)

munsoned said...

Shim, friends don't let friends drink and post. I will most likely be there. I'm probably riding down so I'll have all kinds of time in for the day.

As for Jonny, I think he has retired his biking legs. He's got his real life thing going now, which is what I really should do since I'm in debt pretty bad. But what fun is that?

Sean said...

I hate you guys. It's still cold here.

RF said...

sorry fellas. would love to tack on with you guys but just cant start that late. Larry & I are riding from midtown shortly after 11, then we're meeting up with a couple guys at Shim's place at 12:30. From there we'll ride to plattsmouth then over to glenwood and up thru council bluffs then home. That should put me home by 4pm, perfect timing to catch my 6pm flight, right?

Not to throw a wrench in your plans, but if all you fellas could meet at Shims at 12:30ish we'd have a big group.