Saturday, February 23, 2008

Strange phenomenon

Since putting in another 3.5 hrs today, I've felt some weird affects. The sore muscles are normal, but why is the back of my neck itchy? And why is my nose reddish? And my cheeks too? I think I got a friggen sunburn today!!!!!

Not a bad one, but just enough to notice. I was scratching the back of my neck wondering, "Man this is a familiar uncomfortableness. Like a hot itchiness. Almost like a rash." As there's no poison ivy for me to be rolling around in, I figured out that I got a little sun poisoning. I'm ok with that though. If I can build up a base of small sunburns, maybe I won't go through the lobster cycle I seem to do once a year. Usually, there's always one early spring ride where it's crazy nice and I haven't thought about sunscreen in 6 months. So I go out for 3 or 4 hours and end up being miserable for 3 or 4 days. I get as red as a lobster, I can't be in the sun since it feels like someones holding a heated iron to my flesh, and any water warmer than ice-cold on the sunburnt skin feels like liquid sandpaper. It sucks. I know a little sun is good, but more than that is bad, mkay? My dad had a itsy bit of the cancer removed from his nose, so I know my genes don't take kindly to UV rays. If only they made highly breathable long sleeve jerseys (or just arm warmers) that were UV repellent for us fair skinned peoples. Come on scientists, why hasn't this happened yet? Get on it!!


bryan said...

Or you could just wear sunscreen when it's sunny. Always.

I did today on my face. No pink for me.

bryan said...

That seemed snooty. Sorry. Let's get pink!

And that seemed dirty. Hell.

Matt N said...

I have the same cycle mike. It just makes me appreciate sunscreen the next time, and remeber to put it on before I leave.