Thursday, February 28, 2008

And so it begins again.

Plans for rides: Today I'll be able to get in a couple hours, tomorrow I can ride as long as I want after getting off work at 4:30 and will probably finish in the dark, Saturday I think we'll get a big group together and pummel eachother on some long miles, Sunday is still up in the air weather-wise, but I'll probably ride anyway. So after not riding Monday and Tuesday, then doing my interval session thing yesterday, I'm up for 4 or 5 days of many miles. It's gonna be fun.

What say you all on the blog change? My last one was rather drab, but I didn't want to go way overboard just yet.


UnderDaHill said...

Sounds like some good calorie burning going on. I'm planning to get some miles in on Saturday. What time are you planning. I could probably meet up with somebody as early at 9:00am.

The Bike Masters group will have at least a few people riding outside, so that is an option as well. However, I don't know what time they plan to get started.

I didn't notice the blog change because I've been reeding all my blog goodness through Google Reader. That way I can see all the changes from various blogs on one page. Very handy, and saves me I can waste more time elsewhere.

bryan said...

The green is freaking me out.

Here's my Saturday plan: I'd like to get out on the road around 12 or 12:30, ride for 3 hours and go to work.

A different wrinkle: Chris wants to ride, too. I was thinking she could go with us for 45 minutes, when things are mellow, and then turn around and head home. Then we can kill each other for the next 2 hours.

And now a problem: We'd almost have to start at Bike Masters and go a little bit west before heading south, assuming a SSW wind.

bryan said...

And here's more news: Bike Masters is rolling at 12:30. I'm slightly concerned Chris won't be able to keep up for 45 minutes. Or, perhaps we could go with her, and when she turns around we could go catch them.

munsoned said...

I think your 2nd option might work. However, would the BM ride last longer than 3 hours? If so, wouldn't we be turning around on them anyway? So maybe we should just do our own thing?

I don't really care where we go. I'll ride to meet at Bike Masters and probably ride more after we part ways. I'd like to get in 4-5 hours each day, so pace and route don't matter to me, just time.

bryan said...

How about this, then: We'll go with the Bike Masters ride, with Chris, but stick with her if she falls off. Then, when she's ready to head back, we'll do our own thing -- if it's catching the group, fine. If not, fine.

I just HAVE to be back home by 3:30. Must. Required. Because I work at 4:30.

UnderDaHill said...

See you guys at 12:30 then.

Now...I wonder if I can fit my whole bike into the solvent tub at bike masters...hmmm.

Sean said...

You guys decide what you want to do, I'll do whatever. Might need to borrow a bike, though, especially if we'll be out for a few hours. That's where you come in, mike.

Incidentally, dig the new blog. I like the pictures up top.

And regarding you last post, you rode in Port Hueneme? My cousin lives there. We go visit her whenever we're in Santa Barbara. One of these days I'm going to ride the whole way.

munsoned said...

So Sean, you're asking if we can do the "I ride the tank while you borrow my race machine" deal? I guess that will work. I figured out why riding my the tank was so tough last weekend; my saddle was too low. I was struggling to keep up with people because I was bogged down my using wrong muscles. Then when I got on my race maching for Sunday's ride, saddle height was great and I was flying. Crazy stuff. We did one ride from Port Hueneme, up past Ventura, into Ojai, then around a lake toward Santa Barbara. I think we stopped just East of Santa Clarita? Then we rode down Hwy 1 which was insane. It would be the equivalent of riding along I-80. People drove that thing like it was the autobahn. Man it was fun.

Bryan, that sounds good, you shall dictate the route and distance then since you have constraints.

Bob, see you there.

bryan said...

mike -- I think we're on to something.

Matt N said...

I'm free tomorrow. It is my day off.

Matt N said...

and saturday. Mike will you drive or ride to masters on saturday. If you ride I could meet you. If you drive, I'm not sure yet.

munsoned said...

Matt, I just realized that tomorrow is the 29er Trifecta that I'm really looking forward to. That starts at 6:30pm and is a 29 mile ride. That's not far, but I think I'll just do that instead of a road ride.

As for Saturday, the plan will be to meet at my place (63rd and 2 blocks N of Center) by 11:15. Sean will probably drive over and we'll set him up on my bike. We'll take off as soon as Sean is ready to roll. Around 11:30. So if you want to join us, that'd be supa-sweet.

Matt N said...

anyway that I could get a ride over there, you know with the whole no car situation.