Monday, April 13, 2009

Yehuda Moon has ended!!!

Not sure how many of you stopped by the Yehuda Moon comic strip.  It was entertaining.  The creator, Rick Smith is on haitus for a while, probably to actually get some riding in.  So, that won't be on my blog anymore.  It was fun while it lasted, but that's the way it goes.

Anyway, I was on haitus for a while too this weekend.  Saturday I felt like crap.  Utter and horrible crap.  Which sucked cause it was a top 10 weather day outside.  Oh well, hopefully there'll be more down the road.  And Sunday I was busy cleaning house and getting the things done that I couldn't do on Saturday.

And next weekend is Crank N Camp.  My bike is ready.  Well it seems ready from the 2.5 mile ride into work.  Not sure how it will handle 70-ish miles over limestone each day next weekend.  I will need to ruffle up some camping gear though, so I'll be calling on some of you guys over the next few days.


brady said...

You're welcome to my camping gear. Call & arrange.

munsoned said...

COOL!! It all depends on the weather, so if it doesn't rain and only dips into the 40's, I will probably just borrow your bag again. 40's would work with my tent instead of the mid 20's of last fall. Maybe.

On second thought, I should probably borrow your tent anyway. The one I have is summer weight and I really don't want to be anywhere near as cold as I was that night last fall. I'm cringing/shivering just thinking about it.

munsoned said...

To the lucky people reading this and who plan on visiting Blue Planet Natural Grill in the next week: email me (found on my profile page) to receive a coupon for "1/2 off a 2nd dish with the purchase of your first dish" coupon.