Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Catch me ridin durtay

I rode my mountain bike to work today.  I have mixed feelings about mtb.  I love riding in the trees where the wind won't bug you, but I don't like getting to and from the trails.  Have you noticed that most mtbers drive to the trail?  The main reason is a mountain bike is way inefficient on paved surfaces compared to a roadie.  It'll get you there, but you're probably going to work pretty hard before your ride is supposed to even start.

When I first got into mtb, I was super fit from racing.  So I hopped on my single speed mtb, whirlied my cranks down to the trail, did a few laps, then whirlied home.  I don't have that kind of endurance now.  Or strength.

I really like the single speed for trails, but it takes quite a bit of strength to punch it up those short steep bumps.  Jewell park is near impossible for me on the single speed, but all other trails are doable.  Like I said though, as my training/racing went away, so did my strength and endurance.  Last year I found myself driving to the trail head, riding a couple laps, then driving my sore, beat-up body home.

Well now I get to learn it all over again.  I just setup my mountain bike as a 1x9.  So I have a 34t chainring and a regular 11-34 cassette in the rear.  Plenty of choices to get me going on the roads and also not have to use my entire body to get a single gear over some steep stuff on the trail.  We'll see how that all works out.  I already made a mis-shift this morning on the way to work.  Right after a stop light turned green, I tried to push a pretty big gear, but instead, my chain popped off.  Crap.  So I moseyed over to the curb.  Nothing was broken, but I guess I can't punch it like I do on my roadie or when my mountain bike was setup as a single speed.  Very interesting.

In other news; please donate thoughts, prayers, money, bike parts, good luck, bandages, or skin to Bryan. He's had a couple of rough months so he could use any help possible.  Cause that's what friends are for.


Biker Bob said...

I'm riding durtay tonight. Headed to TP to get a few laps in. And yes, I'm driving there.

I just realized that it's been over 6 months since I was last on a mountain bike.

I should be at TP from 5:15 till 6:45.

munsoned said...

Heeyy, that's where I'll be.
Heeeyyyy, that's the time I'll be there!
HHHEEEEYYYYYY, wanna meet in the North Parking lot?

And ditto on the 6 months thing. There will be trees that I will have close encounters with tonight, I predict.

Biker Bob said...

Opted to take a 1/2 day off work. I'll be getting there around 2-3 and riding till about 5:30.

What time will you get there?

I'm going to start from the BM parking lot. I have to inflate my front shock before I get started. It went flat in the last 6 months... go figure.

What time will you be at the north parking lot?

munsoned said...

Doh! I don't get off work till 4:30, so I won't be hitting the trail till 5-ish.

Oh well. Enjoy your ride and maybe I'll catch you on your last lap. I'll be entering the park from the East gravel road proabably at about 5:10.

RD said...

what time you leaving your house?
i might be up for some TP action

munsoned said...

Hey Rafal, I have to go later than originally planned. If I go, it'll be more like at 6pm or so. See you there if you're there!

RD said...

i'll be at north parking lot around 6 pm.

Biker Bob said...

Missed ya again. Oh well. I got about 4 laps in. Nice and easy. Hope you had a good time.

RD said...

yeah it happens i ran into some other people. Tranquility is almost impossible to meet up if you starting from different points unless you in chase mode... perfect weather (actually it could rain a bit to get the trails worked in better). I might see you at single track tour if I don't go to Platte on Saturday.

munsoned said...

Sorry to miss you guys. Things got busy and next thing I knew, it was 7pm. Not really enough time to get out and get a decent ride before dark.

I'm really looking forward to Saturday! It'll be a long day on the bike, but fun too.