Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Wed night group therapy

Even though Brady got me all fired up for the Wednesday night group ride, then pulled an April fools by not showing up, I still had a good time.  In attendance was Mr. Webb, Lucas, EB, Shim, and 3 other gents I did not know.

I only got dropped 2 times.  2 times? 3 times.  3 times?  Ok maybe 4.  It always involved a hill.  So once I loose some winter padding and ride more frequently, I won't be dropped on the hills as much.  So right now, my training regiment involves the Wednesday night group ride for intensity, Saturday spirited Shabbos ride, easy spin Shabbos +1 ride on Sunday, then what ever other miles I can do the other nights of the week.  Having someone to ride with will always garauntee that I get a ride in.  So if you're ever up for some miles with an easy going chap, reply to any of my posts, or email me, or call or whatever.  I'm done with work at 4:30 and am riding my bike from 42nd and Leavenworth shortly thereafter.

Hope all of you are getting out for some great riding also!


brady said...

Sorry for having to bail. I was stuck at the office until well after 8pm. Believe me, I would have much preferred being dropped many times in Ponca Hills to that.

My reward for missing a fun group ride? A 90 minute trainer session in the cold, cinder block basement while my hyperactive dog ripped up her blanket. AHH! NOW DO YOU FEEL THE TENSION!!

brady said...

Tomorrow, I shall dispense system support like Dogbert.

munsoned said...

Brady, you have no idea how much I would love to mimic that Dogbert vid. Cause pretty much my calls are either that or, "Is the PC on?" Which is in response to the customer asking why, "the projector is saying, 'No input.'"

I know I shouldn't poke fun at the technologically declined because if I get hurt on my bike one day, one of them could be patching me up.

Biker Bob said...

I'd like to find somebody to ride with on Saturday. Unfortunately, I have to ride EARLY. I have to be at the Papilion LaVista South high school by 10:00am. After that my day will be filled with home projects ;-).

Anyone want to do a 7:00-10:00 ride with me. I want to do something that is up tempo/moderate effort for most of that time. No sprints or hill races, just good consistent effort.

Any takers? I could be at Crane Coffee or Blue Line by 7:00. Is the Blue Line open that early on Saturday?

munsoned said...

Bob, that time slot may be a wise choice based on weather forecasts. Mr. Miles and I have been emailing back and forth about a 3 hour ride on Saturday. He's on schedule to do a 30 minute block of tempo in the middle of 3 hrs, so that may work out well.

And yes, Blue line opens directly at 7am. We could meet there at 7am, drink some Joe, then find a 2-ish hour loop that would put you back at your place by 10am. Then Mr. Miles and I (and whomever else joins) could head back to the Blue Line. Expect an official Shabbos ride post soon.

munsoned said...

Doh! I just realized you were talking about Blue Line, not Blue Planet!! I'm not sure about Blue Line.

Well, let's go for Crane at 78th as the old standby again.

Biker Bob said...

Sounds like a plan... but with one exception. I have to be at Papillion LaVista South high school at 10:00. No my house. So we would have to be down south (108th and highway 370) at that 10:00 time slot. I'll be tossing my bike in the wifes car and watching my son at the AWANA games. I should probably try to get there a tad before 10:00 though.

Crane Coffee at 7:00. Route TBD