Thursday, April 16, 2009

Blog relegation

Not that anyone will notice, but I've relegated some of my links to "will link again when consistent posting resumes."  Just some spring cleaning, that's all.  Why have a link to a website that doesn't have anything new since a few months ago?

My guess is it's all the new Facebook, Twitter, or even Flutter sites that has everyone's attention, rather than writing full paragraphs or full page pics of blogging.  I know I'm pretty wordy with my posts, which is why I don't post that often.  However, I can't see just writing out one liners about what's going on in my life.  I'm not witty enough to make a comedic, sentence-long post about going to the bathroom.  Plus, who wants to read about that?

Biking - I didn't do a Wednesday night ride yesterday.  I was mopey, depressed, lethargic, and wasn't looking forward to the grocery shopping trip we needed to do.  I think it needs to get green outside soon.  It seems like this Spring is much more Winter like than in years past.  Not happy about that.  My guess is it's going to create a really hot summer.  Cause the yearly temp has to even out, so all this below average temps have to made up somewhere.  If it doesn't happen this Summer, next Winter would do just fine by me.  No more riding to work in negative degree temps.

Crank n Camp - It's not looking good, campers.  I've seen everything from 60% to 85% chance of showers on Saturday, with better chances to the South.  Which is where we would be heading.  Plus the thunderstorm possibility is just a slap to the face.  Limestone trails generally dry out fast and/or don't get too affected by lighter rains.  But throw in some lighting, and it makes for a very un-fun trip.

If I stay in Omaha this weekend, and Saturday is too crappy, I'll sure be up for a Sunday ride.  Bike Masters is doing their Spring Century ride on Sunday starting at 8am.  I'm in no shape to do a century, but I'd probably tag along for some of it.  Might be a good starting point for Shabbos +1.  Either that, or meet up at Crane at 7am, have some wakey-juice, then head there to meet everyone else?  Or do our own thing?  Or ride in the afternoon?  Guess I'm saying I'm up for whatever.  We'll see how the weather plays out though.


Biker Bob said...

Munson and I will check weather one more time tonight. If rain chances are still high for Saturday (especially if lightning is possible) we will not be doing the crank and camp. Memorial day weekend may be a possible backup crank and camp weekend, but I'll have to check that with the wife.

If the we don't do the crank and camp, I'll be joining the BM century. 7:00 at crane sounds like a great idea. And Munson, you are most definitely capable of a century ride. Especially with the pace and frequency of stops that we do on the BM century rides. Just enjoy the ride and friends, and don't try to hammer all 100+ miles.

munsoned said...

You're probably right there, Bob. Although, depending on the route, riding out to the ride, then finishing at the shop and riding home could be just horrible. That's about 120 miles, maybe more? Definitely not in shape for that. But yes, if Crank N Camp is out, I will do some or all of the Century if other Shabbos +1 attendees agree.

Biker Bob said...

Well mike. What do you think? Go or No go or wait till tomorrow to decide?

munsoned said...

Sorry, sent an email, but I'm thinking no-go. Rain is doable but annoying, however lightning is a show stopper. That's my opinion. We can talk in the morning to make a final final decision.

RD said...

you are right soon enough we will communicate with series of grunts....

brady said...

ugh mmph mmph

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