Friday, April 24, 2009

The weekend.

Metro Single Track Tour.  Epicly fun fat tire adventure all day Saturday.

On the mountain bike: new chain? Check.  Old front derailleur to act as chain catcher for my 1x9 setup?  Check.  New upright position to make for more comfortable ride?  Check.

Bad weather forecast that could possibly cancel the whole thing? Check.


I'm hoping the 50% chance of thunderstorms ends up changing to 0%, but we'll see.

Sunday is also looking iffy.  It is Spring and we do need the moisture, but why can't it happen during the week over nights when it won't ruin anyone's plans?  Come on, Mother Nature! Get with the program!


Scott Redd said...

I'm hoping the rain doesn't affect the Earth Day Omaha plans, too. I hear they will put it on inside Crossroads mall in the event of rain.

brady said...

If weather permits, I'm planning on leaving the Trek Store at 3pm for the full Weds night ride route on the TT bike

I'll check here before leaving if anyone else wants/able to join

brady said...

Weather's not permitting. Argh.