Monday, April 06, 2009

I thought the sky was supposed to fall?

All last week everyone was certain we were going to get shut down with a horredous blizzard with accumulation of 3-6" of snow.  

We got maybe an inch and a half?  Granted, getting aroud during the storm was not fun.  The wind was crazy strong and the snow falling sideways didn't help.  Locally, there was power out around where I live.  But the good folks at OPPD got everyone back online by about noon or so.  

So instead of breaking out the fendered beast for my ride into work this AM, I just stuck with the light and agile race machine.  The ground was dry, the air was cold, and the wind was moving, but I made it in just fine.  There were a couple spots where I thought I was going to run over large shards of glass, but it turned out to be ice chunks that had falled down from limbs or signs.  Besides the wind that made my eyes water pretty much the entire ride in, it was just fine.

I guess we'll have to wait till next winter for the sky to fall again.  And I'm just fine with that.

Weekend after next is the Crank n Camp weekend.  Should be a good time.  Hopefully it won't be as cold sleeping overnight as it was at our past fall Crank n Camp.  Oh, I may be contacting some of you to borrow some camping gear if it's available.  That is unless some of you plan on joining us???


Biker Bob said...

Yeah... the ride in today was much less "messy" than I thought it would be. Going home (north) tonight may be a bit of a trudge with the wind though.

I'm looking forward to the crank and camp. My guess is about 10 people will be joining us if the weather is good. Possibly more if some people show up with giving me a heads up. Hopefully next week will be warm and dry so that the trail will be in good shape.

EB said...

I plan on doing a Crank-n-Crank.

munsoned said...

Eric, does that mean you'll ride all the way down with us, then back with no camping? Or just a ride in general?

Scott Redd said...

That's funny, EB and Munson. I guess if I were going it would be a "Crank and Cramp". :)

I may ride some in the morning with you folks, but I don't think I can get away for the weekend.

My wife and I, however, are riding the Wabash to Shenandoah for a little weekend getaway this week. It should be fun and relaxing.

munsoned said...

Nice, Scott. Enjoy your weekend rendezvous!

It would be great if you could join us for the beginning of the Crank n Camp. The more the merrier!

Biker Bob said...

Some of my friends from church are going as well. They will be going quite a bit slower, so riding with EB or Munson (I mean hammering with EB or Munson) would not be necessary. Hope you can join us for a while on Saturday morning.

Enjoy your trip this weekend. Sounds like a fun adventure.

EB said...

All: Yes I plan on Pedaling due to other commitments...and T.I. miles.

So if anyone else desires long miles @ a pretty steady pace lemme know.

I'll have a bag full O'Baked Goods!